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Did the dead. Grabbed the template, Google Sitemaps using Movable Type, and setup a Sitemap for or at least the blog portion. If this actually takes off and works I might add the gallery.


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Stole an idea Eric Kidd over at RandomHacks uses for his RSS feed. By adding a CSS reference after the inital XML version one gets stylled RSS. The trick has been applies to the 3 syndication types RSS2, RSS 1.0/RDF and XSS for The trick worked on the IE and Phoenix/Mozilla running on my box. Just comment if you have any problems.

RSS via NNTP, News Groups

Genecast provides RSS via NNTP, News Groups. Very cool, hope it goes somewhere.


NewsMonster is a newsreader and manager for RSS content, news, and the semantic web.
It has an immpressive feature list, though doesn't claim to support RSS 2.0. It could be the basis for my RSS Reader nirvana with it's Repitle server component side.
[via Russell Beattie Notebook]

Update: NewsMonster *does* support RSS 2.0
One of the features I point out is that it supports *all* versions of RSS.

This is due to the miracles of XSLT ;)

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Kevin A. Burton (,, )
Coolness. Now if I could just get it to work on my box.

Markup Background

The Secret Life of Markup
The average reader - one not raised by wolves, or, worse, by rabid advocates of Standard Generalized Markup Language during the heyday of SGML - may not clearly understand the concepts of Semantics, Structure, Markup, Content, Style, Transformation, and Presentation. Heck, I'm not sure many of us did back then either, but we've had a few years to think about it.
A little basic at times but averall an all around good sumary of the markup situation.

XSLT AbiWord to HTML

A command line app written in Java which, using the Xalan XML parser and an XSLT stylesheet, allows you to convert native AbiWord, (*.abw), files into HTML pages. Features include being able to convert a single file or batch convert a directory of files and turning http:// web address references into anchor tags under HTML. For more information see the README and CHANGELOG files.
Kinda cool, but as another idea how about a MovableType plug-in that takes a .abw file upload and translates it to embeded (X)HTML?

Cocoon Resource - Your Guide to Apache Cocoon This site is intended to provide tutorials, how-to's, best practise guides and other information not covered by the official Cocoon documentation. It is directed mainly to new Cocoon users, but if you're working with Cocoon for some time you may find some useful information here, too. Looks like a good resource of Cocoon is your thing.

Nice News Aggregation

NewsAggregation over at with code provided for one of your own.

XSL Tutorial

From XML To...Anything -- the Extensible Stylesheet Language

AxKit Wiki

AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating language.

Release Announcement:
I've written a very simple Wiki clone using AxKit XSP. There's a live Wiki on that you can play with (and we'll be putting the AxKit docs up on there). The source code is on CPAN (just uploaded this morning, so you may have to wait for it to mirror). I think the code is a pretty nice example of an MVC-like design in XSP, with the XSP as the Controller, the XSLT as the View, and a perl module as the Model.

XSLT Everywhere

XSLT-Based Websites
XSLT leveraged during design-time and run-time can result in faster time to market, easier maintenance, and support for multiple HTML flavors

Xopus Editor, Teplace the Text Area

Xopus is our wysiwyg browser based XML editor.

Xopus is easy to use and to implement.
For input it requires data (XML), style (XSLT) and rules (Schema).
Xopus performs some magic on this and turns it into an editor.

So inline WYSIWYG editing, coolness. There is a demo, but it requires IE5.5 or up for now. And it is soposed to be going OpenSource.
[via be blogging]

XML R�sum�

The XML R�sum� Library is an XML and XSL based system for marking up, adding metadata to, and formatting r�sum�s and curricula vitae.

XML Questions?

AxKit Docs

AxKit Guide
This document is a guide to the ins and outs of using AxKit
And incase you were wondering what is AxKit here is a blurg from the site:
Apache AxKit is an XML Application Server for Apache. It provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to any format, such as HTML, WAP or text using either W3C standard techniques, or flexible custom code. AxKit also uses a built-in Perl interpreter to provide some amazingly powerful techniques for XML transformation.

Apple Script Lov'n

Perl, XML, PDF oh my

XML::Handler::AxPoint - AxPoint XML to PDF Slideshow generator
This module is a port and enhancement of the AxKit presentation tool, AxPoint. It takes an XML description of a slideshow, and generates a PDF. The resulting presentations are very nice to look at, possibly rivalling PowerPoint, and almost certainly better than most other freeware presentation tools on Unix/Linux. The presentations support slide transitions, PDF bookmarks, bullet points, source code (fixed font) sections, images, colours, bold and italics, hyperlinks, and transition effects for all the bullet points, source, and image sections.
And some examples.

CGI Luv'n

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XML & Databases

Good little summary of XML and Databases on kuro5hin.

Perl & XML On developerWorks

Templatisation oh Bugzilla

Looks like Bugzilla is going to get templatised viz Template::Toolkit, Bugzilla Status Update October 19, 2001 check out Templatisation. It may not seem like much at first but it opens whole avenues of potential, like proper XML outpub when quering bugs. Lots of potential there.


With Chronicler it's simple to create, update and maintain your own archive of web pages such as a personal diary or journal, or even a daily magazine.
Looks to be a nice simple CGI storing XML in the filesystem.

Easy Web Content Management with

Easy Web Content Management with XMLcmNOW looks like a kinda cool pseudo lowtech way to do the whole XML XSLT thing via FTP. has a good article has a good article on Choosing a Templating System in Perl focusing on the web.

The Nokiko Project, like the

The Nokiko Project, like the anime characters they have done up.

XML and Databases

Creating Scalable Vector Graphics with

Creating Scalable Vector Graphics with Perl, to quote the author, "SVG is astonishingly cool."

XML in News Syndication

An Introduction to Scalable Vector

Hey engel, Using DOM to

Hey engel, Using DOM to Traverse XML, could be useful for that yet un-named collaboration project.

XML and Configuration Files

XML and Databases

How to manage your site

Introduction to the GConf library

Introduction to the GConf library Abstract
This article introduces the concepts behind the GConf configuration library scheduled to ship with the next major revision of the GNOME development environment. One wouldn't guess it, with such a boring abstract, but GConf is one of those "OH DEAR LORD!!!" kinda of software. Maybe this will get you more excited:
GConf currently has a single backend that stores configuration data in XML-format text files; however, the architecture allows a Registry-like binary database backend, an LDAP backend, or even a full-blown SQL database backend.
Now think about the posiability of having the same desktop settings at work and home. Now you should be excited, engle is:
Yeah, i suggested to the gnome UI list that with that we could integrate EVERYTHING into one tree view list; like a GOOD windows regisrty, that could be remote-administered.
Imagine if you could do all your:
hardware config (as per the supposed Mandrake tool)
application config (as per linux conf and flat files)
apt-getting (as per dselect)
GUI config (as per gnome control center)
system config (as per linuxconf)

ALL from one place?? And with the smae interface, AND possibly remotely via a secure connection??? AND throw it into a database?? AND have the documentation for the configuration RIGHT THERE when configuraing????
Dude, it has a LOT of potential

XML-DBMS, just so I remember

XML-DBMS, just so I remember to check it out tomorrow.

LinuXML looks like an intresting

LinuXML looks like an intresting project.

Java and XML: Chapter 9:

Java and XML: Chapter 9: Web Publishing Frameworks, maybe it is time to crack the spine on that Java book collecting dust on the bookself.
An XML-Driven Multi-Form Message Board
Looks intresting.

b. is a Web-based manager

is a Web-based manager for Web bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts.

Ux Ux is UNIX, revisited

  • Ux is UNIX, revisited with XML.
  • There is Java instead of C.
  • There is XSL instead of sh/awk/perl.
  • There is XML instead of '\n' and comma-separated ascii files.

XMLterm: A Mozilla-based Semantic User

XMLterm: A Mozilla-based Semantic User Interface
CLI (Command Line Interface) in a web browser, ooohhhh yyyeeahhhh...

Google Search on xml shell

Google Search on xml shell mozilla, look about 1/2 way down the page and the 12/25/1999 - 12/19/1999 archive is there. What is real intresting, if I understand Google, is pages that mention "xml", "shell" and "mozilla" link to the archive page. Which brings up the question who is linking?

Lesson learned archives matter.

AxKit: XML Web Publishing with

RAX: An XML Database API

SQL Server XML Technology Normally

SQL Server XML Technology
Normally I'm not a big fan of SQL Server but this is just too cool:
"it will allow URL queries like:"
[via More Like This]

Processing XML with Perl

Cool XUL Provides Cross-Platform UI

PHP and XML, technical or

When XML Gets Ugly

Tutorial: XML and scripting languages

Tutorial: XML and scripting languages
Manipulating XML documents with Perl and other scripting languages

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