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  • FxIF (Firefox exIF) allows you to view the EXIF data contained in JPEG images from the convenience of your Firefox browser. Most digital cameras add this data to all images you take.
  • With Vanilla we wanted to break the mold created and followed by just about every other forum on the web. We sat down and thought about what we liked, and more importantly, what we didn't like about web forums. We wanted emphasis on the discussions rather

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Da Vinci Code, The Movie


Da Vinci Code was well kinda boring. Seems that in there attempt to not piss anyone off they turned it into a pretty mediocre made for TV movie. What a shame. The book was a good read and had some intresting things to say between the pseudo history.

Nikon D50


My Nikon Coopix 4600 point and shoot was a little lonely so I entered the Digital SLR world with a Nikon D50. Picked up a kit that included a and some random accessories. The first trip with the new camera was Cumberland Falls over Mother's Day weekend which was mostly being floored how different a D50 is from the Coolpix.

Now the big test is the Alaska Cruise next week. Picked up a 2Gig card, polarizing filter and ML-L3 Remote Control Transmitter to catch myself in some photos.

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MacBook Lust

Uhhhh, I want a MacBook. Not in the imediate budget unless a slew of side jobs drop on my plate.

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