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  • Rails AJAX controls are very handy, and the InPlaceEditor is probably one of the easiest and most neat of them all. But, it doesn't do autocompletion. I've rectified that situation. The plugin provides a few new helpers and a new JavaScript-file that exte

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I Scanner Darkly

I Scanner Darkly, originally uploaded by fozbaca.

Scanner Darkly effects from this howto applied to me at Hubbard Glacier.

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  • CAS is a centralized authentication service mostly in use at bigger universities and enterprises. It can be used to allow applications to authenticate users without actually having to handle passwords or messy authentication. One CAS server is put in plac
  • IIRF is a small, cheap, easy to use, URL rewriting ISAPI filter that combines a good price (free!) with good features. It is reasonably fast, and reasonably powerful.
    (tags: Windows ISAPI IIS)

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  • The Nikon system of digital single-lens reflex (SLR) bodies and lenses is a popular choice among serious photographers worldwide. This page makes it easy to shop for Nikon digital bodies and Nikkor lenses. Every component manufactured by Nikon is covered,

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