Winer respones to Napoli on

Winer respones to Napoli on Napster Do I expect to get paid for the work I do? The answer, sadly, is no. That’s because I choose to be creative and honest, and writing software is even less appreciated an art than being a musician. I could take a job as the CEO or CTO of […]

Philosophizing the Kernel … two

Philosophizing the Kernel … two things about Linux: it’s small (the entire kernel fits on the back of a poster-sized sheet, albeit in small type) and it’s a gripping read. In an effort to trace the philosophy of Linux back to its source, the following is a brief and admiring look at what some would […]

Report on the Perl 6

Report on the Perl 6 Announcement Last Monday, nobody knew that anything unusual was about to happen. On Tuesday, the Perl 6 project started. On Wednesday, Larry announced it at his “State of the Onion” address at the Perl conference. Yes, it all really did happen that fast. …according to Larry, “Jon Orwant … pointed […]