Character Death ODD vs. 5E

Saw this idea in some review of ODD. Part of why character death in ODD and many OSR games isn’t as big of a deal character creation takes minutes instead of an hour or more. Building a character is usually less than the length of the combat encounter that killed your previous character. In 5E […]

Reading Greyhawk, Forgetten Realms and Mystara History

I’ve been reading/looking into a lot of the in world histories ofGreyhawk, Forgotten Realms and Mystara. Combinations of current canonand almost canon fanon. Possibly the biggest standout is a history filled with great worksbeing created and stopped. By great works I’m mostly talking aboutgreat magical works. Almost seems like more contemporary adventuresare much better at […]

D&D Beyond

Wizard 101: School of Abjuration It’s time to go beyond the Basic Rules. In this week’s Class 101, we examine the School of Abjuration, a wizard subclass from the Player’s Handbook that creates arcane wards to protect rather than to destroy. It’s time to go beyond the Basic Rules. In this week’s Class 101, we […]

The Witcher

As a long time Dungeons & Dragons / Table Top RPG player and game master The Witcher feels like a BECMI Dungeon Master’s really well developed home brew world. Very high praise. Like in BECMI the Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes feel like classes and occur spairingly. Like in BECMI religion is a thing but not […]