links for 2006-07-28

Simple version control Windows batch file directory replication (tags: Windows Version BAT) Quick-log your work day Keeping track of how you spend your work day isn’t easy, but it has many benefits. Last week’s article, Map your time, covered how to create your ideal schedule, and then compare it to reality. But how do you […]

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Junxion, Inc. The Junxion Box makes it easier for any device with Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect with the latest data services from leading U.S. wireless carriers. (tags: Internet Mobile Network EVDO WiFi Wireless) Kyocera KR1 Mobile EV-DO Router (tags: hardware Internet Network Review WiFi Mobile EVDO) Kyocera KR1 Broadband EVDO Router with WiFi (tags: […]

links for 2006-07-26

Creating Passionate Users: Ignore the competition I’m so tired of seeing so many products with the same features that nobody wants. It’s bad enough to let feature requests from users get out of control, but when we start adding features just because our competitors have them, we’re all screwed. (tags: design Development Philosophy Marketing Strategy) […]

links for 2006-07-25

MTGoogleMaps MTGoogleMaps is a Movable Type plugin that uses the Google Map API to embed Google Maps in your own web pages. (tags: API Maps Plugin Google MovableType) MTMaps MTMaps is a Movable Type plugin that makes it easy to create Google Maps from your Movable Type blog entries. It’s perfect for * Photo Blogging […]

links for 2006-07-24

Comical – A comic book reader for Linux, MacOSX and Windows If you’re looking for a CBR and CBZ reader for your favorite OS, look no farther. Comical is an easy-to-use, featureful GUI comic book viewer, written in C++ using wxWidgets. It’s open-source, so feel Free to contribute! (tags: Comic Free Linux OpenSource Mac OSX […]

links for 2006-07-23

InPlaceEditor with Autocompletion Rails AJAX controls are very handy, and the InPlaceEditor is probably one of the easiest and most neat of them all. But, it doesn’t do autocompletion. I’ve rectified that situation. The plugin provides a few new helpers and a new JavaScript-file that exte (tags: Rails Plugin JavaScript DHTML Helper)

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Underground City – Cool Pictures (tags: Gallery Urban Travel photo) RPG Inspirational Posters (tags: Cool Creativity D&D Gallery Gaming Humor RPG) Creating Smaller Virtual Machines (tags: Development freeware Hacks Microsoft WinXP Tutorial) Favorite quotes Quotes collected from various sources including Marc Hedlund, Richard Bird, email signatures, and the crew at 37signals. (tags: List Quotes Philosophy […]

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Joe’s Goals- Free Online Goal Tracking Joe’s Goals is a simple yet powerful tool to make tracking your goals the easiest part of accomplishing them. Use our simple single page interface to setup daily and weekly goals and track your overall progress and score. Setup negative goals (or vices) t (tags: AJAX GTD Finance productivity […]

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Patterns For PHP Patterns for PHP is a repository of Design Patterns implemented specifically for PHP. Tired of seeing Java implementations? Just want to see what Patterns are all about? Then come on in, browse, and if you wish, contribute to the growing number of Design (tags: PHP Patterns Development) JamJar JamJar is a group […]