links for 2009-02-28

Object Oriented CSS Framework How do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? Nicole first presented Object Oriented CSS at Web Directions North in Denver. Since then, the response has been overwhelming. OOCSS allows you to write fast, maintainable, standards-based front end code. It adds much needed predictability to CSS so […]

links for 2009-02-27

MicroPlaza: Public timeline (tags: @dailyme Tracker microblogging aggregator twitter) Point and shoot tips from the old masters Permalink (tags: photography inspiration Learning reference photographer camera creativity howto tutorials) Give Me Something To Read (tags: @dailyme aggregator interesting links news) "The Burning Platform" by James Quinn. FSO Editorial 02/18/2009 (tags: politics economics essay finance 2008 obama […]

links for 2009-02-26

What I've Learned from Hacker News Hacker News was two years old last week. Initially it was supposed to be a side project—an application to sharpen Arc on, and a place for current and future Y Combinator founders to exchange news. It's grown bigger and taken up more time than I expected, but I don't […]

links for 2009-02-24

5 CSS3 Techniques For Major Browsers using the Power of jQuery (tags: design css jquery javascript list) Usability Analysis of Why is it so Good? | Spoonfed Design A lot can be learned from, so I will use the website as a case-study to go over some of the most important usability techniques […]

links for 2009-02-23

Chevereto, Free image hosting script Chevereto is a free script, written in php, that lets you set up your own image hosting on your web server. It is your hosting and your rules, say goodbye to the closures and restrictions. Chevereto exists because there is a need for an alternative to the traditional one-click image […]

links for 2009-02-20

The Bad Apple: Group Poison A recent episode of This American Life interviewed Wil Felps, a professor who conducted a sociological experiment demonstrating the surprisingly powerful effect of bad apples. (tags: productivity software psychology Communication business sociology) Business lessons from India's dabbawalas The system the dabbawalas have developed over the years revolves around strong teamwork […]

links for 2009-02-19

The Crisis of Credit Visualized (tags: video graphics economics inspiration business design interesting money finance economy visualization financial infographics towatch) What Would Micropayments Do for Journalism? A Freakonomics Quorum Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Clay Shirky have the best grasps on reality. (tags: economics business media news money internet Journalism economy micropayments) Python Tutorial (tags: […]