Apple iPhone turns into invisible keyboard

> A student at Goldsmiths, University of London has been able to create an invisible, virtual keyboard for iPhones by using the device’s built-in accelerometer to pick up vibrations caused by tapping or typing on a surrounding surface area. As you can see from the video demonstration above, the “Virbrative” software developed by Florian Kraeutli […]

Fact-checkers: Talking crap in Holland v America

> In the Dutch electoral system, this can’t happen. Two months before the elections, every political party is expected to submit a detailed budget plan to a non-partisan agency called the Central Plan Bureau (CPB), which plays a role similar to the Congressional Budget Office in America. The CPB produces an analysis of the economic […]

Election Day

Election day in the US. If you are registered go out and vote. Not sure where [Where’s My Fucking Polling Place]( If you are not registered then go out and register for the next one.