War of the Worlds

Someone owes me $7 and 2 hours of my life. Went to see the Spielberg rendition of War of the Worlds last evening. There are some stunning visuals, unfortunately one of those great death ray effects don’t cross the path of the main characters. Never, not once, in the entire movie did I care what […]

Fahrenheit 9/11

Was lucky enough to make it to Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. Great flick, maybe even a great documentay. Moore did a pretty fair job reminding us of some of the many unanswered questions surounding 9/11 and Premptive Strikes. He reminds of the consenquenses to those we attack and out own forces. As to the Right’s bitching […]

First Blood

Yea it spawned sequels that were fluf bordering of stupidity but First Blood is a great flick. Makes me wonder how my fellow Americans will deal with Iraq and Afganastan Vetrans after they finally get home.

1,000 Best Movies

“The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made” Now to start checking off… A � Nous la Libert� (1932) About Schmidt (2002) Absence of Malice (1981) Adam�s Rib (1949) Adaptation (2002) The Adjuster (1991) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) Affliction (1998) The African Queen (1952) L�Age d�Or (1930, reviewed 1964) […]