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Gordon Ramsey explains how to make the perfect scrambled eggs (tags: Advice Cooking Food Tips video) Free Admin Template For Web Applications (tags: Design CSS Layout Template webdesign Free) all streets | ben fry All of the streets in the lower 48 United States: an image of 26 million individual road segments. No other features […]

links for 2008-04-29

stage Stage is a code template generator that utilizes helpers as presenters to reduce ruby code used in views. Of course, contributions are welcome if you like the concept. I would especially like to hear of any code reduction suggestions. (tags: development merb MVC Plugin Rails Ruby) Featured Windows Download: BitRipper Converts DVDs to AVIs […]

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Hero-O-Matic agora é Fábrica de Heróis! (tags: Animation Comics TV) Battlestar Galactica Backstory in 8 Minutes (tags: bsg funny geek Reference SciFi video TV) Patterns For PHP Patterns for PHP is a repository of Design Patterns implemented specifically for PHP. Tired of seeing Java implementations? Just want to see what Patterns are all about? Then […]

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30 Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat (tags: Acrobat Adobe Free OpenSource Software Windows Tools List) Five More Principles of Effective Web Design (tags: Advice Design HTML interface Layout UI webdesign) Free YouTube iPod Video Converter: flv to mp4, YouTube to iPod (tags: Converter DVD Flash Free Freeware MP4 Software video youtube) 30 Exceptional CSS Techniques and […]

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Godspeed Oakland : San Francisco Bay Area Mototcycle Performance, Harley Davidson Service, Sport Bike tuning, dyno tuning, Dyno tune, powder coating, Motorcycle Parts, Mototcycle Service Never before has there been a place like Godspeed. Words like “Disneyland” and “Mecca” have been used by journalists to describe our shop. Truth is – no one word can […]

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Timeframe Click-draggable. Range-makeable. A better calendar. (tags: Browser Calendar Design JavaScript webdesign Widget) All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts by COLOURlovers (tags: art Color Design graphics List) Pledge of Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance is a national symbol, and as such all Americans should be able to freely participate in reciting it, […]