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Scott Kelby's Tips For New Lightroom Users (tags: Lightroom Tips Photography) It's Time to End the War on Salt: Scientific American The zealous drive by politicians to limit our salt intake has little basis in science (tags: diet health food science salt) Robotech/Macross Valkeries (tags: robotech macros scifi)

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Shadowrun ePub Books (tags: epub novel shadowrun) Samuel L Ipsum | Alternative Lorem Ipsum Generator (tags: humor design ipsum) Natural scrolling: Why did Apple change the way we scroll? – By Michael Agger – Slate Magazine Why did Apple change the way we scroll? – Dave Winer ☮ (davewiner) (tags: Four tips […]

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Alderean Shot First, New Star Wars BluRay edit (tags: StarWars Humor) The Zombie Survival Role Playing Game – Outbreak: UNDEAD (tags: rpg Survival Zombie) How to Make a Cheap and Easy Ikea Time Lapse Panning Unit Part 3 (tags: photography gear diy) 45+ Free Lessons In Graphic Design Theory (tags: design list)

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Cut & Paste Google Internal Site Search script (tags: google javascript search) HowTo: EC2 for Poets (tags: amazon server cloud howto ec2) Get the News that Matters from the Tweets you Missed The Daily Email finds the best stories from your Twitter stream — so you don't have to. (tags: aggregator twitter ipad) […]

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Moo Shu Pork Recipe : Emeril Lagasse (tags: pork asian cooking recipe) Moo Shu Pork Pockets Recipe : Rachael Ray (tags: recipes pork asian cooking) Photo editing 101 star rating shoots aperture lightroom (tags: photography advice lightroom aparture) Moo Shu Pork Recipe (tags: Pork recipe cooking asian) Moo Shu Pork Recipe (tags: Asian pork recipe […]

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Most Pressed Keys and Programming Syntaxes (tags: keyboard lisp c c++ php perl python javascript Objective-C ruby java shell) How to Make a Journal With Photos for Pages (tags: diy photography)

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Apple’s Designers Work Towards Storefront Symmetry (tags: Design Apple) A free Rails 3.0 tutorial/manual (tags: tutorial free ruby rails) Access Twitter's RSS feeds with an easy-to-use work-around – Twitter (tags: twitter rss api hacks) Joe McNally Presents: A 9/11 Remembrance, In Pictures « Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog (tags: 911 photography)

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The 12-Stage Burnout Cycle 1 – A compulsion to prove oneself2 – Working harder 3 – Neglecting their needs 4 – Displacement of conflicts 5 – Revision of values 6 – Denial of emerging problems 7 – Withdrawal 8 – Obvious behavioral changes 9 – Depersonalization 10 – Inner emptiness 11 – Depression 12 – […]

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Don’t Fear the Internet, Basic HTML & CSS for Non-Web Designers Are you a print designer, photographer, fine-artist, or general creative person? Do you have a shitty website that you slapped together yourself in Dreamweaver in that ONE web design class that you took in college? Do you not have a site at all because […]