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Digg Design (tags: CSS Design UI Web) HierarchyVersusFacetsVersusTags (tags: Design Folksonomy) What Every Game Developer Needs to Know about Story (tags: Design Development Games Writing)

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Greasemonkey & microformats: Getting started (tags: GreaseMonkey Firefox Folksonomy) Icar Free Sci Fi RPG Icar is a space opera set in the 93rd Millenium. Since leaving Earth, the human race has been through a number of social catastrophes, including the cliche of creating a humanoid race of robots which fought back against their creators. The […]

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Di IIS Web Manager DiIWM (Di IIs Web Manager) is a web application written in VB.NET to manage IIS6.0. Both WMI and ADSI is used. DiIWM can connect and manage local and remote IIS. DiIWM also provides an assembly (Di) written in C# to manage IIS6.0. (tags: IIS C# Windows VB.NET) EchoMp3 v1.4 – MMC/SD […]

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Area 404 Collection of 404 pages (tags: Design Error 404 Humor Internet Web) IIS 6.0 Documentation (IIS 6.0) (tags: IIS Reference Support Tutorials Windows) Crash course in CDO CDONTS was actually replaced by CDO already in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. But these Operating Systems supported CDONTS, and you could use CDONTS. Windows Server 2003 […]

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Planet JavaScript (tags: blog JavaScript News planet Aggregator GroupBlog) Why Lesbianism Is Widely Accepted (tags: Sex Culture) Employees are the risk takers, not the share holders (tags: Economics) Managing for Creativity Over many years, the leaders of SAS Institute have distilled a set of principles for getting peak performance from creative people. Among them: Value […]

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Opening a G4 iMac CD/DVD tray with a non-Apple keyboard [osx] (tags: OSX Mac Apple) Vogoo Web Site Personalization & Collaborative Filtering (tags: PHP Web API) Rails Petstore Rails Petstore is an implementation of Clinton Begin’s JPetstore that has been developed with the Rails web framework. The aim of this project is to develop a […]

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Ruby script to post daily links to a blog. [ruby] [wordpress] [rubilicious] [xmlrpc] [] This is a ruby script I (sloppily) cooked up to post daily links to my blog. It requires the Rubilicious library, and (because I’m lazy) is hardcoded to point at my blog. (tags: Ruby Star Wars: Episode III […]

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Small, Free Way to Use and Mount Images (ISO files) Without Burning Them (tags: CD Free Images Microsoft Windows WinXP) Tipping Point – Net Version HappyFeet has made the best effort possible to put these items in some form of coherent order. This book used alot of marketing/business angles. I chose to replace those examples, […]

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Windows Script 5.6 Documentation (tags: Windows VBScript Documentation) VBScript Reference (tags: VBScript Wind IIS Microsoft Documentation ASP Programming Reference VB Web Windows) The Teastick (tags: Cooking Design Food Tea)