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Recurring Billing For Web Apps (tags: api advice ecommerce) Mobile-friendly: The mobile web optimization guide (tags: android html html5 iphone layout css3 mobile reference web)

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Mastering IIS FTP – Part 1 – Redirecting Users – Scott Forsyth's Blog (tags: ftp iis) FTP Isolation Mode Tutorial (IIS6) (tags: iis6 ftp WindowsServer2003) Hosting Multiple FTP Sites with FTP User Isolation (IIS 6.0) (tags: ftp iis6 microsoft) Traveller Map (tags: sci-fi rpg traveller map space) The Colony Videos : Discovery Channel (tags: tv […]

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Nikon AF-S 24-70mm Lens Thermos Coffee Cup | 100milligrams (tags: Coffee Nikon photography) Great Ways to Learn jQuery (tags: jquery javascript js Learning list ebook programming tutorial documentation) 10 Free Online Books for Web Designers (tags: html5 jquery ebook free html resources web book)

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10 Principles of Beautiful Photography (tags: @toread Photography howto principles) Tab Candy: Making Firefox Tabs Sweet (tags: browser firefox tabs ui usability ux) Taskforce Liberate your inbox. Cut down email. Save time. Taskforce integrates directly into your inbox, splitting your emails into three types: Information Action Broadcast (tags: productivity todo email)

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Aloha Editor – The HTML5 Editor (tags: editor html5 javascript WYSIWYG) Far Future Enterprises We are the designers, producers, and publishers of award-winning role-playing games like Traveller, 2300 AD, Twilight: 2000, and Dark Conspiracy. There is a wealth of information about these games on this site, and through links to other sites. (tags: sci-fi rpg […]

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Zotonic rethinks the CMS with Erlang (tags: cms erlang interviews postgresql) Flipboard for iPad (tags: aggregator app ipad magazine socialmedia twitter facebook inspiration)

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A re-introduction to JavaScript (tags: javascript language guide introduction programming) How To Give Your Photos a Cool Retro Analog Effect (tags: analog photography graphics inspiration vintage tutorial retro photoshop) Guide to CSS support in email clients (tags: css cheatsheet email guide html marketing newsletter)