OSEE – The Open Source

OSEE – The Open Source Equipment Exchange “The goal of the project is to provide equipment that can be used by the receivers for their Open Source projects-equipment that would otherwise be unused or under-utilized by the donator.”

The Basics — How lenders

The Basics — How lenders use your credit score Now this is an area of buisness that needs some openness and transparency. I’m thinking that they same problems usually in a closed security protocal are in this rating system.

Introduction to Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform, Backwardly

Introduction to Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform, Backwardly Compatible JavaScript and Dynamic HTML “Do you want to write Dynamic HTML that runs on both Navigator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0? This TechNote gives an overview of the tools, TechNotes, articles, and other resources on the Netscape site and elsewhere which will help you build Dynamic HTML pages which […]