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The Minimalist – 101 Fast Recipes for Grilling – (tags: recipe cooking list grill) How to Convert a Holga Lens for Your DSLR for Toy Camera Fun (tags: camera holga lens diy photography Plastic) SmarterStats Comprehensive Web log analytics and SEO software with keyword and competitor analysis tools, detailed reports, and data mining (tags: […]

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WebsitePanel – The control panel for Windows hosting (tags: windows iis opensource hosting administration) Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures Improved handling of kerning pairs and ligatures in modern browsers using the text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; declaration. (tags: browser css3 Fonts html5 safari webkit chrome firefox) Flexible, Mobile-First Layouts with CSS3 (tags: css3 ui layout mobile tutorial design) 15 […]

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Create Your Own Savage Worlds Adventure Card (tags: rpg savageworlds) What are Adventure Cards for? (tags: rpg SavageWorlds) Yahoo! Style Guide (tags: journalism copywriting content reference style styleguide web writing) Code Error 80070005 – Access Denied message. Permissions problems (tags: 80070005 com windows)

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The 32-bit version of the ODBC Administrator tool and the 64-bit version of the ODBC Administrator tool display both the 32-bit user DSNs and the 64-bit user DSNs in a 64-bit version of the Windows operating system (tags: microsoft ODBC sql windows 64-bit 32-bit 2008) Top 20 Awesome Icons For Websites (tags: free icons list) […]

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My Four-Year-Old Son Plays Grand Theft Auto (tags: gta children culture games) Complete Workflow, Storage & BackUp for Photography + Video | Chase Jarvis Blog (tags: aperture backup camera hardware mac osx software photoshop photography storage video tutorial photographer workflow)

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Mensch — A coding font (tags: code Font free) The 10 HTML Tags Beginners Aren’t Using (tags: html beginner) VODO presents: Pioneer One (tags: bittorrent culture torrent tv video free scifi innovation)

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news toread – "news toread" gives you a smarter way of dig your interests. (tags: aggregator news socialbookmarking @dailyme) toread – an email-based bookmark service "toread" is an email-based free bookmark service. You can bookmark your "toread" web pages by just clicking the bookmarklet on your browser. (tags: bookmark bookmarklet email reading toread)