RPG Best Mechanics Ideas

What are some of the best of mechanics to come out in the RPG space in the past decade?

Blades in the Dark Flashbacks
Advantage/Disadvantage rolling
Clocks, so i hear but don’t havn’t looked into yet
Playbooks, PtbA
Fail Forward, PtbA
Player Facing Rolls, PtbA
Point Crawl like Gardens of Ynn, Stygian Library, Neverland uses this for Faye land
Oracles, Ironsworn and Scarlet Heroes
Stars Without Number Factions system,
Fronts from Dungeon World but I haven’t looked into it yet
Letting the random tables define the world, Electronic Bationland and to some extent Greyhawk Fiolo random tables
Hexcrawling but fun, Hot Springs Island and Neverland