links for 2009-06-30

EveryBlock source code released / The EveryBlock Blog (tags: code journalism Django news opensource python @toread) JMS Interview – Babylon Podcast: Show #161 JMS, The Great Maker, graciously allows Tim and Summer to throw a seemingly endless stream of questions about the origins and creation of Babylon 5, the production and growing pains of the […]

links for 2009-06-29

Recreating the MobileMe Web Gallery Interface In 2007, Apple updated .Mac (now MobileMe), and introduced the "Web Gallery" feature – a photo sharing service that integrates with iPhoto. Web Gallery offers a beautiful interface, but the layout is done entirely with JavaScript. In this tutorial, we will attempt to recreate the Web Gallery interface using […]

links for 2009-06-27

Fences™ – By Stardock – Clean up your desktop clutter Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use. It's FREE for personal use, so try it out today, and change how you use your desktop forever! (tags: windows free productivity utility Organizer desktop) […]

links for 2009-06-26

A Doctor’s View of Obama’s Healthcare Plans Contrary to what we might think, comparative studies show us that the US when compared to other advanced countries, does not have a sicker population: we actually use fewer prescription drugs and we have shorter hospital stays (though we manage to do a lot more imaging in those […]

links for 2009-06-24

Jake: The Collaborative File Sharing Client Keeping your files in sync – even with large groups – has never been easier. Just drag your Folder into Jake and everything will kept in sync with all people you invite. Jake is 100% free, open source and available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. We're using […]

links for 2009-06-23

DIY Gardening: Build a Rain Barrel : Crafting a Green World (tags: DIY Video Green) Melody: Community Powered Publishing Melody is an open source content management system for bloggers and publishers where its community of users and contributors is its most important feature. We believe that a vibrant community is the foundation on which all […]

links for 2009-06-22

CrashPlan – Automatic Online Backup (tags: windows free backup storage distributed linux osx) Vinyl Rain Gutter Cable Management – a set on Flickr (tags: DIY) AJAX Photo Gallery Round-Up WebAir Blog Here we are, after almost 2 weeks of pause in which we have been very busy with work, come back to write on our […]

links for 2009-06-20

CrunchBang Linux – A Lightweight Openbox Linux Distro A screenshot of a clean CrunchBang Linux desktop. CrunchBang Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager and GTK+ applications. The distribution is developed from a minimal Ubuntu install and has been designed to offer a good balance of speed and functionality. (tags: […]

links for 2009-06-19

Mozillaca: Microblog for the Mozilla community – Mozillaca (tags: firefox microblogging mozilla) ControlPad ControlPad turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard. It can work with Windows, OS X, and Linux. No installation is necessary for OS X and some versions of Linux (like Ubuntu).Since it leverages VNC for remote control, […]