links for 2005-03-31

Adobe Reader SpeedUp Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe’s Acrobat/Reader software bearable for everyday use. AR SpeedUp only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few seconds) and then your ‘Reader wil (tags: Windows Adobe Acrobat) Fleeman Anderson & Bird […]

links for 2005-03-29

Bits on Wheels The Mac BitTorrent client (tags: Mac BitTorrent OSX) Drag-and-drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS (tags: JavaScript CSS) D*I*Y Planner 2.0 Released (tags: GTD) MT InlineEditor 1.0 (tags: MT MovableType Plugin) WP Plugin: Cat2Tag Add categories on the fly. The beauty of this plugin is that you actually are using the category […]

links for 2005-03-28

Aggregato – tag based RSS feed aggregator Aggregato is an RSS/Atom feed aggregator organized with tags. Assigning feeds multiple tags makes very flexible display options possible. (tags: RSS Aggregator Tags) ASP Links (tags: ASP Windows IIS) unalog clone (tags: clone bookmark social) Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmm, Notes. (tags: […]

links for 2005-03-26

Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5 (categories: iPhoto JPEG Photo MPEG) How to make a DVD with selectable subtitles with ffmpegX (MacOS X) This guide provides a step-by-step process to convert a movie into DVD format and to add to it selectable subtitles (that is, subtitles that you can switch on or off with the […]

links for 2005-03-25

Scuttle 0.1.0 Released clone (categories: PHP MySql) Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmm, Notes. (categories: blog link perl group) Show Me the Code In my inaugural article, I outlined the four basic steps you needed to follow when creating a RESTful web service. Now let’s take those basic steps and follow […]

links for 2005-03-22

MySQLicious MySQLicious is a tool for mirroring bookmarks into a MySQL database. (categories: MySQL PHP Building a simple clone (categories: PHP SQLite XML RDF SQLite Admin This little package started as a admin panel I was working on that used SQLite as backend. It contains some known bugs and some incomplete […]

links for 2005-03-21

Skinning I am really starting to enjoy using It’s great way of organizing my bookmarks, especially the little noteworthy sites that I want to visit 6 months after I originally found it but never bothered to bookmark (because, like, who wants a clutt (categories: Firefox CSS) Your Guide to the Best Free […]

links for 2005-03-20

kujira Apple Loops (Free!!) (categories: GarageBand Loops Music) Duct Tape Wallet Most people agree that Duct Tape can save you money on costly repair bills but did you know that you could create a wallet to hold all of the money you’ve saved? It’s not as difficult as it sounds and in just a few […]

links for 2005-03-19

Essential Fonts For Designers -| 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have I’ve collected 300 of my favorite truetype fonts that can be used for design works. Here they are free to download in .ttf format (works on both MacOSX and Windows machines), organized into the following categories. (categories: Fonts Design) Design Eye for the […]

Fuel Cell Motorcycle

World’s First Fuel Cell Motorcycle Unveiled if they make these things resonably low priced it could do well in warmer climates. Hell I could ride one to work 4-5 months out of the year.