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Kodak Sees a ‘Very Real Resurgence for Film’ (tags: Kodak Film Camera photography) Cheesecake Cookies Recipe (tags: recipe cooking baking cheesecake cookie) Wrestling legend Mick Foley explains how Tori Amos changed his life. (tags: music wrestling ToriAmos) A Complex World: Language Families (tags: infographic language linguistics world) PlainText — Dropbox text editing for iPad & […]

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The Language Construction Kit (tags: culture design fantasy diy guide linguistics language) FollowUpThen: Free, Fast and Simple Email Reminder (tags: apps email gtd followup autoresponder reminder) Sencha Touch- HTML5 Mobile App Framework (tags: android html5 css3 design framework touch iphone ipad ios)

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The Secret History of Star Wars (tags: ebook download sci-fi starwars history) George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, But It’s Okay (tags: Costume creativity design film movies sci-fi starwars chewbacca) Awesome Messenger Bag (major pics!) Plus TUTORIAL 🙂 (tags: diy howto tutorial messenger bag sewing)

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Why Not Feeling Rich is Not Being Poor, and Other Things Financial (tags: Rich Poor) 0Boxer Organize your Gmail and have fun while doing it. (tags: email gmail inbox0) iphoneebooks – BookShelf A native eBook reader for the iPhone. Capable of reading HTML and plain text stored on your iPhone. (tags: app ebook iphone code) […]

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Griffin Reveal Case + Leica Camera Skin = Awesome Mod! – Mac Forums (tags: iphone skin leica camera) How To Make Your Cell Phone Look Like Your Favorite Camera! (tags: skin camera iphone)