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Fahrenheit 9/11

Was lucky enough to make it to Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. Great flick, maybe even a great documentay. Moore did a pretty fair job reminding us of some of the many unanswered questions surounding 9/11 and Premptive Strikes. He reminds of the consenquenses to those we attack and out own forces.
As to the Right’s bitching I say make your own damm film but don’t devolve to your usual “disagreeing is unpatroitic” rehortic.
Oh, and if you find a solid rebutal to Fahrenheit 9/11 send me the link. So far I have only found emotional bitching or strawman arguments.

One reply on “Fahrenheit 9/11”

Yea, I’ve noticed that most “anti” F911 sites or threads or flamewars generally end up with “moore is fat” as their main argument. I did fine one random one from some right wing lady who called into the stern show where her webpage quoted a bunch of ties and links between iraq and al-queda. Ok, so, why do you have this inside information and the 9/11 commission doesn’t? Most of the other arguments that aren’t ‘moore is fat’ generally have references to all sorts of facts but no reference material to back them up.
That said, f911 isn’t going to convince you either way, and chances are if you see the film you have that POV already, and if you don’t see the film you’re right wing republican. We tend to pander to films that support our point of view. Of course, that won’t stop people from bitching, whining, and praising it.

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