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  • InstaReader Sync is a service to automatically sync your Starred Items in Google Reader, with your InstaPaper's read-later list. So that when you're skimming the thousands of items flowing in from you favorite sites, you just have to click ☆ on the ones that seem interesting, and they will automatically be available in InstaPaper a few minutes later. It also works with NetNewsWire's Flagged Items.

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  • There are two branches of Zen Coding plugins: Zen HTML and Zen CSS are the separate plugins for TextMate and NetBeans. They are using template logic, provided by applications and based on Zen HTML Elements and Zen CSS properties documentation. Zen Coding is the all-in-one plugin, created and supported by Sergey Chikuyonok for Aptana, TextMate, Coda and Espresso. It is based on JavaScript (for Aptana) or Python (the rest of all) script and using more advanced Zen HTML Selectors logic for building HTML.

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