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Watching E.T. with a 7 year old

Watched E.T. with Tilda, 7 years old, on Sunday. Think it has been over 20 years since I last watched it. It was the version with the most of the hang guns CGI'd out, replaced with keys or flashlights. It still worked. Tilda wend through a few stages:

  1. For the intro Tilda was pretty scared
  2. She was laughing for the next 1/3
  3. Crying and mad at me for making he watch it
  4. Craizly happy
  5. Finally sad to see ET go.

Amazing how well it held up.

How to stop the deadliest drug overdose crisis in American history
The opioid epidemic could kill hundreds of thousands in the next decade. But America can beat it.

  1. Prevent new generations of opioid users
  2. Make addiction treatment easier to access than opioid painkillers and heroin
  3. If we can't stop people from doing drugs, we can make it less dangerous
  4. Address the other problems that lead to addiction

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