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Perl Club

the rules of perl club

The First Rule of Perl Club
You do not talk about Perl Club

The Second Rule of Perl Club
You do not talk about Perl Club

Third Rule of Perl Club
A laptop crashes, breaks, runs down. The hack is over

Fourth Rule of Perl Club
Only two programmers to a pair

Fifth Rule of Perl Club
One bug at a time

Sixth Rule of Perl Club
No Java, no VB

Seventh Rule of Perl Club
Hacks will go on as long as they have to

Eighth, and Final Rule of Perl Club
If this is your first night at Perl Club, you have to hack

About Left Behind

Fundamentally unsound examines what the Left Behind books say about fundimentalists in the US and the fundimentalist politicans. If you have not heard of the book series yet the Left Behind books cover the time when the "true believers" are called up and the 7 years til the end of the world. They basicly put forth the biblical end of the world, Revelations, via pop fiction.

Dreamhost Meets Jabber

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DreamHost Offering Jabber Hosting Services, way good news for both. This might be just the thing to get more public Jabber servers out there.

Geek Pr0n

Digital Data Pron contains such greats as a pic of the first family computer and the box I started programing on.



Well on Saturday canoed the Little Miami with the twentysomething group from my sister's church. We were soposed to do the 8 mile streach but missed the landing and ended up doing 13 miles. All in all it was fun, mostly paddling and hardly any rappids.

Have been kinda working for a friend's carpentry company. Spent part of a week painting, got a nice farmer's tan and sunburned neck. Then did some tile for a church last week.

Have a maybe pretty good lead on a mod_perl job in Cincinnati. Will have to wait and see if the engineers like the resume.

Oh, and been trying to watch the 2nd season of Buffy on DVD :)

Got Dull?


Well I was unable to convince my parents to get an iMac and they opted for a Dull instead. They are on vacation for the week so when the box arrived today I figured a good unemployeed son should set everything up to eas the experience for his retired parents, which turned out to be a good thing. I set everything up but bootup froze somewhere during the BIOS screen everytime. After messing around with it for an hour I finally broke down and called Dell's Tech Support. Waited in hold hell for about 30 mins. Spent about an hour on the phone, most of the time telling the dude that everytime the BIOS copyright comes on the screen and says to call Dell Tech Support. Finally dude asked someone with a clue that started asking about the diagnostic leds, kinda cool from a support standpoint, wich lead to the RAM being loose.

So the morale of the story? Paying a premium for the hardware and support doesn't really mean dick. Sad really.

Just a quick post from the Apple Store in Cincinnati. Doing this on a TiBook hooked to a Cinema Display. Hope you are gelous :) Next time I'll try to remember to bring my camera for some pics. Damm this is the way to compute.

Border Story

Well since arcterex asked in some comments here is my border crossing story, this time. Really nothing much to mention. Some grey haired customs dude chated with me for a bit about living in Canada and why an American would be so crazy as to choose to live and work in Canada :) The only "problem" was having to dig out the paper that said the car had been transfered back to the U.S., which as arcterex and firefly could attest was a feat unto itself. But that was it. Had more trouble getting hotel rooms given all the pre summer vacationers heading to Rushmore and Yellowstone.

Python for Perl folks

Getting Loopy with Python and Perl, and maybe with the recently found Python books in my parent's basement I'll give Python another try.

Happy Canada Day

To all my nexuians, this day is for you. Have a celebration.

I'm Back To Where I Started From

Well howdy ya'll! I'm back in Kentucky. Arrived around 8pm EST last night. All is well. Will try to post more after I get caught up on email. BTW, using the library's computer lab, no net connection at home for the time being.

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