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  • Something exciting and new in the Tower Defense genre! The geometric vector creeps are fast and intense. With 30 different maps, each its own puzzle, you'll have to work fast to keep up. Using exciting vectorized graphics, this highly kinetic games brings a whole new dimension to the Tower Defense. Devastate creeps with blasters, lasers and missiles and watch their energy debris swirl through the gravity wells of your vortex towers. Now it's time to figure out how to put that absorbed energy to good use....
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  • Iwebkit is the revolutionnairy kit used to create high quality iPhone and iPod touch websites in a few minutes and is based on an LGPL license. In the first 4 months of it's existance the pack has greatly evolved from a basic idea to a project that has reached worldwide fame!

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  • This ongoing series of electronic books (.PDF Files) presents complete descriptions, deckplans, statistics, and 3D renderings of a wide variety of starships, stations, and support vessels. * Includes full color maps designed for miniatures (1 inch = 5 feet). o Divided up into printable pages, and as poster-size images where possible. o Printer friendly, black & white map pages are also included. * Uses the Open Game License (OGL) and sci-fi System Reference Document (SRD) to provide familiar stats for ships and crew.
  • “Lux Aeternum: Expanded Setting Guide” explores the futuristic world initially presented in Green Ronin's "True20 Adventure Roleplaying" book. Lux Aeternum is a cinematic science fiction setting that strives to evoke the romanticized spirit of the 17th Century Age of Exploration – a time of sweeping changes, social upheaval, and limitless opportunity. Action, drama, and grand adventure are key elements to any grand tale to be told in this setting. The absence of faster-than-light travel limits the playing field to a handful of star systems and allows this finite area to be fleshed out with a level of detail and complexity not possible in a galaxy-spanning saga.
  • In 1993, Dan Linton, owner of a hugely successful BBS called Software Creations, visited Texas and made his way to id Software. This is the footage he recorded one night in November 1993. Shown are several of id's employees at the time: Jay Wilbur, Shawn Green, John Romero, Dave Taylor, Sandy Petersen and Adrian Carmack, Bobby Prince was visiting to finish the music and create the sound effects. This video has 21 minutes of me playing DOOM before the sound effects were put in as well as some early deathmatching with Shawn Green.

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  • The book, Almost Perfect, was originally published by Prima Publishing in 1994. It is the story of the rise and fall of WordPerfect Corporation from my point of view. The book sold a little less than 10,000 copies and is now out of print. The copy published here is almost identical to my original manuscript and does not contain Prima's edits. In this version, I have corrected two factual errors, fixed five typos, deleted a few pages at the end, and added a final paragraph.

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"And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"

A powerful moment in Babylon 5. Me thinks it is time to do another re-watching of Babylon 5.

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Battlefield of Heroes Beta

Recieved my Battlefield of Heroes beta invite this morning. Fun quick play freebie. Less than Quake 3 franticness, cartoon style like Team Fortress 2, the maps are not as large as Battlefield 1942 and free unless you want to buy some custom skins, guns or gestures. Like all online multiplayers I wish for the ability to talk to my teammates instead of typing. Not sure how long I will be playing but definitely a fun lunch time game.

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