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iMac updates

After seeing some "too good to be true" offers at BestBuy, I decided to make my little iMac a server on a grand scale. I bought a 120 gig drive and a Verbatim 52x24x52 CD-RW from BestBuy for $95 (after $150 of rebates) and set home to install my new booty.

Wedding Ring History

I'm With the Band by Nita Rao covers a bit of wedding ring history. Kinda intresting stuff, though a bit short.

Alternative to Groove

WASTE is a software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small (on the order of 10-50 nodes) trusted groups of users.
Now that looks pretty damm intresting. Could be very useful even for work, looked at Groove but it was just too expensive. Slashdot has a thread on waste.

Reloaded Explained

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What follows below is a comparative-literature-style exegesis of selected parts of Matrix Reloaded.
Matrix Reloaded Explained, plan to read over lunch.
[via decafbad]

RSS-IM Gateway

RSS-IM Gateway, intresting must expirement.

I've got a ticket to ride

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Signed up for a Basic RiderCourse with the Motorcycle safety Foundation for the June 20-22 weekend in Morehead. Wish me luck.

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

Found a Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor, bloging for a work project.

Yahoo Aggregator

Seems the is now providing blog aggregation. Intresting. Way back in 98' & 99' was one of my more heavily viewed pages then I started blogging and using other sources of news and info. Insert some wheel turnign quote form the Wheel of Time.

[via Blog for thought]

B5 Crusade to DVD

JMS mentions that Crusade pondered for DVD might happen after the B5 DVDs are all released. And it soulds like Season 3 DVD are selling well #2 on Amazon's DVD sales.

Things Before Marriage

From the prespective of a single guy the Fifteen Fights to Have Before You Get Engaged looks to be a good list of things to cover before takign the marriage vows. Now wonder what the married and planning to be married folks think?

Booth Babe Site

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A site site devoted to the booth babes of E3, for all those that didn't make it to E3 this year.


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Some mornings just start on the right footing. Yesterday evening the Knoppix - Live Linux Filesystem on CD cd burn started just before I left work. Sometime last night there was a brief power outage. Apon sitting down to my desktop I'm starign at the Knopix desktop, and posting this in Konqueror.

What a nice morning.


Decided to give the Movable Type Plugin a try. My understanding is that Waypath does a what's related from all the blogs with RSS feeds.

Now it will be intresting to see what it puls for this post.

The really cool thing about the Waypath plugin is my blog gets a bit more useful for me today.

Rounded Headers Hack

Rubber Headers, achieving the rounded header effect with a little image. One way to overcome the limitation of IE's lack of rounded borders.

X-Men 2

Just got back from my first viewing of X-Men 2. On a scale of 1 to 10 it totally kicked ass! I am shocked that there is not really anything to bitch about, other than there is not a sequel comming out in November. That is all for now, don't want to ruin it for anyone else who has not had the pleasure.

Ebert Reviews The Matrix Reloaded

"The Matrix Reloaded," which plays like a collaboration involving a geek, a comic book and the smartest kid in Philosophy 101.
Ebert's TThe Matrix Reloaded Review
He gives it 3.5 stars, and there are some spoiler potential so be warned.

Rich Text Editing

Went ahead with Rich Text Editing in Movable Type. Nice so far. Just for test. Now to get something this WYSIWYG.

Patriot Posters

Even more AWartime Morale Posters, current fav Remember the BJ!


Along the line of maclust there is some Macpr0n Classic, fusion of hot bodies and hot Macs. Probably not acceptable viewing at most workplaces.

[via gizmodo]


One man's story of his first year with a TiBook. Nice cover of the good and the bad.

So will have to hear arcterex's story next year after his full mac luv'n has kicked in.

More Buttons

Steal These Buttons! has a pretty good collection of buttons/badges like the ones adorned on if you are intrested.

Indy DVD

It is offical, Indiana Jones on DVD is due out November 4th. It will include the trilogy and bonous disc will have interviews and such, about 10 hours. About damm time. Now for my original Star Wars trilogy on DVD without the horendous Gredo shooting first. I can dream.

Funniest Wiki Quote

UI-wise, Wiki is like a fun house for cheery gully dwarves, endless interconnected rooms with five-feet high ceiling and no housemaids. - Don Park's Blog
Now the quote works better if you have read the Dragon Lance Chronicles to fully understand the gully dwarf.

Three Fictional Heros

Three Fictional Heros, hahahahah
[via flutterby]

New Feature

Take the current aggregation but only the peeps and you get fozbaca's peeps aggregated.

Logging Pattern Recognition

Well coolness someone is logging and annotating Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Now time for me to read the book.

Windows XP Hacks

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Lots of good Registry Edits for Windows XP to help with some of those little annoyances.

Haxor Handle

The haxor handle of fozbaca is "Binary Seri0us".
What's yours? Enter your name:

[via Hax0r Handle Generator]

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