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Dive into Panther

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100 screenshots and 11 pages about Panther, and I'm still getting used to Jaguar.

User Interface Guidelines

Don't think iTunes for Windows follows any of the guidelines but it still feels like the most usable app on my Windows box.

Open Source Sponsoring

Jeremy has a great question, Which Open Source Projects Would You Sponsor? for yourself and your company. At work if there was anything like a good CRM, think ACT on steroids, it would be a good donation investment. Personally getting more OpenSource with native OS support, like OpenOffice, AbiWord, GIMP, etc on OSX, outside of Xwindoes, would rock.

MT Comment Spam

I'm giving the new MT-Blacklist , A Movable Type Anti-spam Plugin a try. While I have not been having the problem that arcterex has been having, comment spam has been getting worse.

Though I am looking fowrard to something from SixApart in the next MovableType release, hopefully.

Re-entering the Cult of Mac

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I did it. I finally did it. Yesterday I gave the Kenwood Towne Center Apple Store, Cincinnati a 90 minute drive, a call to see if they had any Power Mac G4s, specs. Lucky me the did. After a 3 hour round trip, a quick stop to the Apple Store, and hours lost helping a friend with a bad motherboard around midnight I set the new baby up. Damm it sure feels good. Well back to re-exploring.

Xserve in Buisness

Ford's Lesson to the RIAA

Why suing customers is a bad strategy.

Evil Ninja's Insult of the Day

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Milky Way to Quark

Start with a view of the Milky Way zoom 10x repeatly until getting to a quark level. Damm that is soo cool.

Email Filtering

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