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Made it to Phily but a bag didn't

Made it to Philly, only delayed 45-60 minutes circling the airport waiting to land. Del and Natalie were there waiting  but one of my bags was not. I had seperated all the cruise only stuff in one bag with diapers, one carry on with diapers and one bag with nothing but stuff for the week in Philly. 6 days of clothes, the laptop, "ditty kit" and camera charger and accessories. The Philly bag is the one lost. The current Delta status is "We're sorry; we have no updates on this bag and are still trying to locate it. Please check back again."

We are planning on heading to a Philly Art Museum and stopping to pick up a camera charger and some essential personal hygiene stuff. At the airport they said $25/day was reimbursable with recipt and after 5 days it would be declared lost and I could file for reimbursement. Baggage Loss Claim PDF

To add a little bit of irony. When on the buss from the main terminal to the Comair terminal I saw a blue bag, knida like mine, on one of the runways being picked up by someone in a little car. Now if that was my bag...

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If YouTube Comments Met Real Life Situations

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