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Babylon5 Making a Return?

"For the first time in five years, there is an office somewhere in England with the words Babylon 5 on the door."
While none of this is confirmed, code-named TMOS (The Memory of Shadows?) most likely seems to be a series of movies about the telepath war and leftover shadow technology.
via Carlsbad Cubes but no source mentioned. One can only hope if all is true that the quality is more akin to the original series and not the movies of late.

Way to go John Stewart

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Oh the irony. John Stewart Bitchslaps Crossfire and ther retort, saying he softballed John Kerry. So now even the journalists are treating The Daily Show as a serious source of news. Do yourself a favor and get the show by BitTorrent or read the transcript.

On a related note I picked up America (The Book) which is turning into a real work of art. Totally styled like a school text book but probably more informative. And there is a forward from Thomas Jefferson,

P.S. Oh, and is it true Halle Berry is once again single? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you would put in a good word for T.J. Oh how I loves the mochachina.

Oh, the humor and education in just a P.S.

Pirates & Emperors

In the style of Schoolhouse Rock, Pirates & Emperors, a critique on current U.S. foriegn policy.

Greek Audio Diaries Redux

I have noticed in the stats that there have been a few downloads from the Greek Audio Diaries. So what do y'all think? Should I do some more? How was the sound quality? Do I sound like a dork fish :)

Greek Audio Diaries

Before my trip to Greece I picked up a Belkin Voice Recorder for my iPod. The original idea was to upload audio bits from Greece but the syncing didn't work right so you get the them now. I have setup my RSS feed to be Enclosure aware for future Podcasting. To handle the Enclosure mogo I'm using the Enclosure plugin for my. And if you are looking for an automated way to get Podcasts give iPodder a try on your platform.

Kerry Banners

More banners over on the Kerry site.

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