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Mouse Faster

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Keyboard vs. The Mouse, pt 1
We�ve done a cool $50 million of R & D on the Apple Human Interface. We discovered, among other things, two pertinent facts:
  • Test subjects consistently report that keyboarding is faster than mousing.
  • The stopwatch consistently proves mousing is faster than keyboarding.
This contradiction between user-experience and reality apparently forms the basis for many user/developers� belief that the keyboard is faster.
Which brings the more general question, are VI/EMACS really better editors/ides than say VisualStudio?

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IQ at Emode


Took the Emode IQ Test, 136 Visionary Philosopher.

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Web 2.0

Portals in space is either really intresting or total bullshit. I'm still trying to decide.

Red vs. Blue Watch it

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Red vs. Blue The Blood Gulch Chronicles watch it, you'll like it. Well you might if you are bent like me.

Gandhi Quote

Learn as if you were to live forever. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

- Gandhi

RIAA and Spambot blocking

I'm giving the Blocking the DTS Agent and Blocking the RIAA .htaccess a try. Hollar if anyone experineces any troubles.

Blog Change Bot

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Blog Change Bot subscribe to the badges. I'm kinda currious if anyone uses it.

Intro to Revision Control

Introductory Revision Control, just in case you didn't know.

EFF, how to not get sued by the RIAA

The Electornic Frontiers Foundation has How Not To Get Sued by the RIAA for File-sharing. There is also the don't run P2P services but that is no fun.

Betallica is FREE!

Beatallica, Beatles tunes, done Metallica style. Gotta love some of the stuff that turns up on the net. Now to have Metals, Metallica tunes done Beatles style. Before anyone else says it, yea, they would probably get sued by Lars.

If I only had 2Million

Damm Cringely's Son of Napster sounds like a good idea to evolve the music industry. Wish I had the money to give it a try, hope someone else runs with it or something similar.

New Look

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New site look provided by Neil's World's Movable Type Templates.

MovableType Meetup

There is a International Movable Type Meetup Day for all intrested.
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I'm a Disc Golfer

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Went out and played a round of Disc Golf with one guys from the gaming crowd and a couple of his golf buddies. The course was at Shillito Park, which I haddn't been to in the daylight since returning to Lexington. It was actually a good amount of fun though my arm is kinda sore. I know that it was just throwing a fresbie disc but the discs and throws are not like playing Ultimate. It was fuin, got a good walk through the park and plenty of bullshitting with a couple of etomologists and a carpenter.

Fozbaca in Google Images

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Goto Google Images and search for fozbaca. I'm only #2. Somehow engel scores #1.

Hunters have ADD

Could an ADD Hunter Have Survived?, A chapter from the second edition of Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception by Thom Hartmann

ADDers are damaged by growing up in our society, but not in hunting cultures

... individuals living among the historically agricultural Native Americans, such as the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians, are relatively sedate and risk-averse. On the other hand, Fikes said, members of the hunting tribes such as the Navajo are "constantly scanning their environment and are more immediately sensitive to nuances. They're also the ultimate risk takers. They and the Apaches were great raiders and warriors."


But we today are not a society of hunters, raiders, and warriors. We are farmers, office- and factory-workers. Therefore, we punish and discourage hunter and warrior behavior in our children and adults.

I find the idea that ADD traits are desirable to a hunter culture intresting. Now if one also takes the higher than usual ADD'r in geek culture maybe some intresting understandings arise.

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back


A biking fozbaca update. Over the weekend I finally decided on a motorcycle. Went to the local Honda dealer and after talking with the sales dude a bit decided I wanted a Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750 Deluxe. It is a cruiser, has a "classic" look, just enough muscle and doesn't cost a fortune. I had him check on financing, never had payments on anything but credit cards and student loans, while I tried to decide on color. I'm partial to the Metallic or Orange, want to make it easier to be seen by those mad auto drivers.

Metallic Silver/Black


Candy Orange/Orange Motif


Candy Dark Red/Black




Unfortunately all was for naught, for this past weekend at least. Over the past 5 years I have been very diligant about paying off all my debt. Taking care of those pesky college student credit cards still hanging around. Paying off my car and student loans. Being free of it all for over a year has been such a good feeling, til saturday. It seems that not having any debt for 1+ years makes me a risk, enter much confusion.

All will be well. In a couple of weeks I will be back to buy a bike, with a slightly larger down payment. So the moral of the story is no debt isn't always a good thing.

Though in two weeks maybe I'll decide on a different bike :)

Thinking About Programing

Bruce Eckel, of Think about Java fame, has a somewhat misnamed The Ideal Programmer covering lots of thoughts about programing and some relations to the outside world. Worth reading in the stiring the thinking process sense.

Old School Consoles

Take 80's console games, insert into joystick, plug into TV, priceless nistalgia. TV Games, me gots to get.

What a musical find

I was incrediable lucky this weekend, not in that way :), with the find of a Nina Simone CD from the public libarary. The first time I ever heard of Nina was in Point of No Return but never pursed here music directly. What amazes me is just how much of here songs are out there without realising it. By far my favorite has been Sinnerman, which you may recognize from it's appearance in Thomas Crown Affair , when he "returns" the painting in the end.

Satalite Earth Views

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the Blue Marble making the desktop of comptuers everywhere.

Lauer Means ...

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German, 1) occupatinal name designating a craftsman who tanned leather; 2) often confused with the patronymic derived from LAUE 'lion'; 3) sometimes designated the man who formerly lived in LAU or LAUE in Germany.

What's In Your Name - Dictionary of Last Names

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One of my favorite quotes, paraphrases.
Never attribute to malicious intent what could more easily be attributed to incompetence. - UNKNOWN
If anyone knows the originator please pass along.

Photo of the Day

"What we've got here is failure to communicate. " - Captain, Road Prison 36 in Cool Hand Luke


A shot of picketing AllTel striker heading in before the storm.

The fore story. After the lightning storm, happens all the time around here, Tuesday night we were without phone or data communication at the office. The oh so normally speedy AllTel repair, insert much laughter at such an absurd statement, was delayed. Oh and I forgot to mention that there was some sabotage in the works as well, FBI staking out telecommunion equipment. The net effect was 2 whole buisness days with no communication and fozbaca on the cele getting medival.

Snap Club

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Here's how it works:
  1. You get yourself a camera.
  2. You carry it with you everywhere you go, every day.
  3. You take pictures of everything. Don't wait for art to happen, just keep pressing the little button.
  4. You come here and share, share, share.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 as often as possible.
When you're ready to get started, just click on "Join" up there at the top.
Snap Club

I like the idea, find the art in the chaos.

Down Time

fozbaca.org will be down on the 15th, with all the sites on the ufies box for some co-location moving, UFies.org: UFies Scheduled Downtime

Fozbaca Stamps

Quake II .NET

Kinda cool someone ported Quake II code to run on .NET, Quake II .NET, and even added a new radar.

Daily Photo


Darren has put out a challenge for daily photos. Don't think it will be a daily exercise but who knows.

Here goes a first Photo of the day, the stallion barn and incomming summer storm which took out the electric for 4+ hours.


Zempt Bookmarklet

Zempt This is a bookmarklet to post via Zempt. My only problem is editing the example to pre-populate the category.

Want a Java MP3 Player?

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Java Music Player a WinAmp cline that supports MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, AIFF and AU audio formats. Now to see, or hear, how it plays.

Text Editors, howto Write One

Via Simon Willison via Martin Spernau, there is The Craft of Text and Writing a Simple Word Processor (PDF). WordProcessors are a minor fascination of mine, mostly from a general dissatisfaction with what is out there.

You know you're a ...

Jeff Foxworthy inspired Republican vs Democrat. The Flanders comment reminds me of the Christian denomination which tries to emulate him as the ideal Christian.

I need a Ripper


I'm looking for a good audio cd ripper. Basicly as iTunes like like as posible but for Windows and Linux.

Also, the RIAA may decide to go after file sharing services like Gnutells, KaZaA, etc. but the libarary is still the best sharing service around. Took a gander of one of the smaller public libraries in Lexington yesterday and they had a more diverse selection of cd audio music than most tower records. Library Card to the rescue :)

Another Spybot Remover

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Found another spyware remover along the lines of AdAware called Spybot - Search & Destroy.

New Zempt

There is a new version of Zempt. It addresses some of my previous problems, like having the keywords, extended, excrept, etc. as configurable options. So if your using Windows and posting to a MovableType blog Zempt might be your thing.

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