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  • OK, so this plugin does the yellow fade and then some.
    (tags: JavaScript)
  • The Cthulhu Character Generator (100% freeware) assists you in creating and printing complete 1920s investigator's character sheets based on the Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing system by Chaosium, Inc.
    (tags: Cthulhu RPG)
  • Byakhee is an investigator generator for the role playing game Call of Cthulhu. In addition to generating investigators, it also prints out character sheets and player handouts.
    (tags: RPG Cth)

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  • These templates are 100% valid CSS/XHTML and compatible with IE5.0+, FireFox 1.5, Opera 8.5, and Safari 2. They do not use any hacks of any kind, and can easily be modified. There are no copyright restrictions on these templates, but if you like them plea

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  • The way to securely keep your phone in your pocket The Kingpin chain allows you to drop your phone in your pocket while it's securely attached to your belt loop. Or you can attach it to your bag and find your phone in a hurry at the end of the chain. The

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