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GarageBand, Yum

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It is about 9PM and just got around to dinner. Even left work early today. Why the delay to dinner, GarageBand is just that much fun! I have barely gotten near to scratching the surface.

Do yourself a favor. Find an Apple Store or a store within a store that had GarageBand on a demo machine and have some fun. Don't worry about the funny looks the other customers give your mixed music, they are just jellous that you are on the box and not them :)

Update: No MP3s to share yet. Wait til I perfect my Bluegrass HipHop sound :)

GarageBand and Keyboard

I'm so tempted tp pick up GarageBand and a USB MIDI Keyboard. Now to find some relatively inexpensive, maybe a eKeys 37 or something similarly priced. It has been years since I really touched a keyboard.

I'm reminded of the first time a Mac really impressed me. In the early 90's in one the campus labs there were a couple of Macs with MIDI keyboards hooked up. One had a student that was "song processing" to onscreen sheet music. I was blown away at the time.


One for engel, The Calendar FAQ.

Browser Time

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser
This is the first in a series of two articles describing how to develop applications using WebKit. This article will cover building a basic web browser without writing a line of code.
Time to play.

Cars of the Future

Eh gads! Concept and Prototype Cars that the 50's thought we would be driving.


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I did it. Ordered an iPod today, due to arrive end of next week.

Update: I ordered a 10 Gig version. Amazon had them for less than the iPodMini with free shiping and no sales tax.

30 Seconds Finalists

MoveOn has the finalists of the Bush in 30 Seconds up. Lots of good choices. I'm partal to In My Country" (low -bandwidth).

I find it striking comparing the anti-Bush vs. the anti-Clinton issus when they both were incumbits.

Cliton :
  • phone sex with an intern
  • wife involved in a $25,000 relastate scandal
  • wife polotically involved
  • invaded a two countrys
  • pissed off almost every country in the world
  • accused of trying to subvert the bill of rights
Just a little prespective.

OmniWeb's Tabs

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Damm I really like OmiWeb's Tabs. Very much what I was hoping to see when posting. Still waiting form a crude version for Mozilla/Firebrand to enter the sceen.

Update: There is a preview page of OmniWeb5's features with release info. Alas the public bets isn't due til February 2, 2004.

Keynote Time of Year

iPod mini cool but Apple still needs a MP3 player in the $100-150 range. The 50% increase storage on the $299 iPod might be my tippingpoint.

Now the coolest. GarageBand is potentially one of the coolest piecies of software form Apple. Now let the see hear the new creations assisted by GarageBand. Kinda makes me wish I was back in highschool with a guitar and a keyboard.

Everything else seems more incremental.

Hollywood Mars Landing

Warez and Shareware Developers

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Nick Bradbury, developer of TopStyle, HomeSite and FeedDemon, did a test to see how many were using warez'd versions of TopStyle or more acurately how many ran TopStyle once. Now the one big mosterously gigantic hole in his logic, how many first runers would have been actual purchasers? I'm sure that small developer software sales are lost, but I'm betting that the amount is actually much smaller than anyone would expect.

The same situation applies to movies and music online. Sure there is rampent downloading. But how many would have been a purchase absent of the downloading option? Again I'm betting much smaller than anyone would expect.

Eventually that situation will change. Sometime around when the current highschoolers are running things. Just like the American Factory Worker, digital content creators are going to lose those nice fat cushy margins. So you have a choice come up with a new buisness model for getting money into the hands of digital creators. Digital rights management and laws that don't mirror the reality of the users wishes just don't cut it.

Safari MT Bookmarklet

There is a fix for the MovableType Bookmarklet that works in Safari.

In case the link dies, BlogIt

iBox, Digital Hub

In the realm of I wish, Apple iBox in production. I mention it cause it would be cool but is very unlikely, or if happening will end up costing over $2,000 in usual Apple fashion. Course maybe Steve will tell us about it next week.

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