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Repurposing CGI applications with SOAP

George W. Bush Scorecard of

Unfortunately, I missed Towel Day.

Unfortunately, I missed Towel Day. However, I just found a place to play the classic HHGG Infocom text game online.
I agree fozzy that the web in getting boring, but this just breathed a little fresh life into it for me.

The Official Shotgun Rules


Telling A Story, The Weblog

Telling A Story, The Weblog As A Project-Management Tool

Weblogging, or blogging, has emerged as a genuinely new literary/journalistic form. The narrative structure of a weblog is that of a daily diary. The style is one of commentary -- that is, a weblog refers to the readable Web, focuses attention on selected items, and tells a story about those items from a particular point of view.

Hey, all I said in

Hey, all I said in the car coming home from work was, "You know, it surprises me that no one has made their cam picutres into their background for their website."

This did not mean one SHOULD make your live cam as your background, I was just surprised no one HAD done this, considering the horrible sites I have seen on This Old Internet. I was in no way endorsing the activity.

Foz took it upon himself to prove that he is, indeed, totally aesthetically challenged.

Brian, that is undoubtedly the

Brian, that is undoubtedly the most FSCKING UGLY thing I've seen on the net since the original Fozbaca's Realm.
You should be ashamed of yourself, and engel should be ashamed for encouraging you! I call shenanigans!

per engel's request: fozbaca cam

per engel's request: fozbaca cam in all it's background goodness.

Re: Where did the fun

Re: Where did the fun go?
I'm with fozzy on this one...sort of. I think that it has something to do with the nature of "information overload." Each of us can realistically only have so many major areas of interest, and those of us who have been serious netizens for a long time have by now exhaustively combed the web for tiny bits of trivia and information concerning our major interests. So we're left with our secondary (or tertiary, or....) interests/hobbies to explore, which by definition aren't as interesting (sic. fun) as the stuff we were hungry for. I know that this is the case for me. Every now and then, some new thing will catch my fancy, and I go on a surfing spree until I'm saturated with it. Fun for a short time, but we can't expect to be entertained constantly on a relatively short list of topics.
BUT...I do think that we might be seeing the beginning of the mono-tainment of the net (a la AOL-Time Warner, etc). Face it, the more the net is controlled in terms of access and content by a select few corporations whose primary income is from entertainment dollars, the less they will be willing to allow on THEIR inter-network that will entertain us for free.

Where did the fun go?

Where did the fun go?
Don't know if I'm alone in thought, but has the Internet got boring? I remember the days when random web browsing was just plain fun. Around the next link was something cool, shocking or fun. When I relished going through my inbox for all the cool mail from lists, friends or just randomness. When there was something to download that I don't know now I got along without. Maybe I have been at this too long, it would be a shame to be bored at 29. Could it be the .com crash with all the funding for almost any idea no matter the imediate profitable? Who knows but things have sure got boring on the net.

XSL and XSLT: Creating Acrobat

Then new trailer for The

Then new trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring is OUT!!!
Real Player only - streaming or download.

Today is Towel Day, a

Today is Towel Day, a tribute to Douglan Adams. Wondering why the towel?

The Jeffords Defection to the

The Jeffords Defection to the Democratic party now gives the Democrats the majority in the Senate. If there was only some way to remove Bush from the White House. Hmmm, I really hope for a sex scandle around Bush. Turn about is fair play and all.

RBrowser a Mac OS X

RBrowser a Mac OS X file viewer like the NeXT's but it will FTP and SSH/SCP.

[via staticred]

[via staticred]

The Burning Bob - official

The Burning Bob - official drink of

Russian posters, Cuban and other

Russian posters, Cuban and other Propaganda posters. Some cool stuff from 1960 - 1990 communist states.

When did your favorite TV

When did your favorite TV show jump the shark?
It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it "Jumping the Shark." From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same.
As far as I'm concerned, my favorite show, Babylon 5, jumped the shark when they moved to TNT for the fifth season and those bastards started making decisions. Two words...(shudder)Tracy Scoggins(/shudder).

The Top 50 Things to

The Top 50 Things to Know to Pass the Sair Exam 103

XML in News Syndication

How Braille Began

Smells like Texas "They've eliminated

Smells like Texas
"They've eliminated the middle man. The corporations don't have to lobby the government any more. They ARE the government." Hightower used to complain about Monsanto's lobbying the Secretary of Agriculture. Today, Monsanto executive Ann Venamin IS the Secretary of Agriculture.
Truly disgusting. What a retchid state the US is ataining under Bush. A nation for the corporation, willing to sell to the highest bidder. Sickened that I have payed for these monkeys to ruin the place of my birth they are like a bunch of Ferengi. To all the non Americans out there I'm truely sorry for the crap that the nation of my birth is doing the world. To all you who voted for and support Bush, fuck off, go to hell, eat shit and die, you get the idea.
[via CamWorld]

Quickwriting an alternative to Graffiti

Quickwriting an alternative to Graffiti and download for the Palm OS.

Web Logs - tools and

E3 Coverage on Star Wars

E3 Coverage on Star Wars Galaxies.
When the game is released you'll be able to travel almost instantaneously from one planet to another via the spaceports found in major cities. The big news from E3 is the announcement of a space expansion; yes, with the expansion in hand, you'll be able to buy your own starships and actually fly from planet to planet, engaging in combat, smuggling goods, evading Imperial patrols or (if you want) smashing the rebel scum. More on the space expansion below. The real selling point isn't the scope of the game, but the level of detail that brings the universe to life....
I can't wait.

From Jef Raskin's Summary of

From Jef Raskin's Summary of The Humane Interface:

... The message that The Humane Interface brings, aside from its methodological specifics, is that major improvements in interface design are both profitable and moral - profitable because a good interface is cheaper to implement, is more productive, is easier to maintain, has lower training costs, and requires less customer support than a bad interface - moral because it brings smiles to the faces and erases furrows from the brows of users. One can do good and yet do well by rethinking interface design.

Right on. I need to read Raskin's book.

Proof that girls are evil

KDE on Cygwin, very intresting.

KDE on Cygwin, very intresting.

Canadian Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell is held hostage in his campaign bus. Check out the Real footage.

Pencil Whipped Quake

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Apple going to do rack

Apple going to do rack mounted Mac OS X servers?

Terraform terran generator, could be

Terraform terran generator, could be useful for gaming, hint, hint, nudge, nudge engel :)

Douglas Adams dies at 49.

Douglas Adams dies at 49.
This happened over the weekend, but I only just heard about it. Though some fozbaca readers might be interested to know this in case they hadn't heard.
So long and thanks for all the laughs!
See the /. post here, or the CNN article about his death.

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy - Sean

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy - Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldbloom and "TheRapists" plus tons of humor goodness at

HP selects Debian as its

HP selects Debian as its 'design center'

The target of HP's development is all LSB-compliant distributions, including Debian, Red Hat, Turbo, etc. But because of its status as the development platform, Debian works out to be "first among equals".

Greg's Appalachian Hike, looks like

Greg's Appalachian Hike, looks like his adventure is being relayed via phone to Suzanne to whoever is posting for Greg. Cool idea. One of thse days I want to hike the whole Aplication Trail in one stretch.

Personal proxy pproxy is a

Personal proxy

pproxy is a very simple Unix HTTP proxy server. It doesn't cache pages, but it stores them in nice directory structure. For example, is saved as /cache/

Something I have been wanting to add to Jellybean, cache proxing in the filesystem via the URI.

Interview with Kurt Skauen, the

Interview with Kurt Skauen, the AtheOS Creator.

The Onion, W's First Hundred

The Onion, W's First Hundred Days

"Sixty-three percent of the American people approve of the job Bush is doing. Then again, 98 percent of the American people are fucking morons."

CMS RFC (Content Management System

CMS RFC (Content Management System Request for Comment) intresting, very intresting. I hope it goes somewhere.

Carping About DBI, YADBIA that

Carping About DBI, YADBIA that ya might find useful.

An Introduction to Extreme Programming by chromatic, the jellybean dude.

In its purest form, Extreme Programming is simple. The central tenet is, "Find the essential elements of creating good software, do them all of the time, and discard everything else." Programmers should program and make schedule estimates. Managers should make business decisions. Customers should choose the features they want and rank them by importance.

CVS: Client-Server Version Control

The GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License Protects Software Freedoms (RMS provides sound bite on Mundie)

Nobody is forced to join our club, but those who wish to participate must offer us the same cooperation they receive from us. That makes the system fair.

Now lets apply the same idea to working with Microsoft, and other for pay software. If one has to pay cash money for the software shouldn't the cash money be exchanged for bug reports, fixes, etc.from the user to the company?

A good email on an

A good email on an intresting paper about email being something more than just a message and how email clients can be more then just email readers.

Boot with GRUB

Microsoft's Prepared Text of Remarks

Microsoft's Prepared Text of Remarks by Craig Mundie, Microsoft Senior Vice President The Commercial Software Model

Should an information-based economy protect the intellectual property assets that are driving its growth?

Which has yet to be proven, intellectual property is driving economic growth. I would assert the opposite, economic growth is happening in spite of intellectual property.

Linus Torvalds: Microsoft's Attack on Open Source

I guess I'm not all that surprised. The basic argument seems to be that it's good for the economy to charge for intellectual property, so open source software cannot be good, while Microsoft is the most far-thinking company around and is doing it all for the good of the public.

Alan Cox: This is How Free Software Works

There are many things I directly agree with him on. That companies need to focus on sustainable business models for example. No doubt Microsoft would like to imply Free Software is not a sustainable business model. I would like to make sure people at least consider the possibility that proprietary software is the non-sustainable model.

Good ones Linus and Alan.

My take on it all, Microsoft is saying wouldn't it be great if we could sell all ideas exclusivesy and Linus and Alan call shanagians.

Sir Isaac Newton

"If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants".

Great summary of the situation by Doc Searls.

It's not just what Mundie calls an "intellectual commons." It's the world where we all live and work: the world we call civilization. While we're still building it we need to constantly ask the question that used to be Dave's main slogan: Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. This isn't even a question for the free software and open source communities. It's a prima facie imperative. But it's the question for Microsoft and every other commercial software developer.

Installing Apache 2.0

DaveNet : Lessons from a

DaveNet : Lessons from a hard disk crash

I'm a big Microsoft consumer just like most people, but frankly Hailstorm scares me a little. OK, a lot. I remember when I first saw "The Net" -- the concept back then of someone erasing or hijacking the identity of someone else seemed ludicrous. But with a technology like Hailstorm, where user information is so centralized, it makes it much easier to be a reality.

Bingo. There is a good reply from a Microsoft dude on Hailstorm and secrurity. Not sure what it would take for me to trust Microsoft to keep all my data, maybe nothing, maybe I would trust no one to have all my info in one place.

Larry Wall's Apocalypse Two is

Larry Wall's Apocalypse Two is up. - The PalmOS Open Source Portal

Coolness, pygamet - python game

Coolness, pygamet - python game developmen

Somebody stop these bastards before they breed. Just stumbled on an article (an old one, but it still holds). It tells how far ASCAP is trying to bilk even more people for enjoying songs that they own the licensing rights to. Basically, groups going camping can't sing songs like "This Land is Your Land," or "God Bless America" around the campfire without paying a license fee to them, or risk a $5000 fine and six months in jail. The whole article is here.

I've seen this first hand. I used to work for the State Parks department, and not only did we have to pay license fees when local musicians sang covers of popular songs (why we had to pay them when we didn't pick the musicians' song list is beyond me), but they actually tried to make us take count of the number of times we sang Happy Birthday to camp kids so we could be billed for the public performances of that song.

As far as I can see, the only positive note about this debacle is that now when I'm at Applebee's for my birthday, I can tell those singing, clapping assholes that I'm gonna turn them in if they interrupt my meal.

O'ReillyCreating Themes with CSS and

Think my next mouse has

Think my next mouse has been found, Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical, RF wireless and optical, yum. Now to find a RF Ergonomic Keyboard.

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