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  • The Feng Shui RPG is about kicking ass and looking cool. Players are plunged into the heart of the secret war, a centuries-old struggle to determine the fate of reality. They'll travel through time to take on evil sorcerers, kung-fu masters, and high-tech
    (tags: RPG)
  • Boxroom is an open source project that aims to develop a web application for sharing and managing files online. The goal is to let a group of people share their files with eachother. To make this possible the application lets users create folders and up/d
    (tags: Rails Ruby)

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  • The Little Book Of Ruby is a PDF eBook which will guide you through the fundamentals of Ruby programming. Starting with the basics (strings, numbers, objects and methods) it quickly moves on to explain all you need to know to create your own class hierarc
    (tags: Ruby ebook free)

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