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One Nation, What a Cluster Fuck

The State Department sends in the Marines to consign a U.S. citizen to Saudi hell. Yep that is right, U.S. Marines removed an U.S. citizen from the embasy into the Saudi police. Sure it happened under the first Bush, but Clinton and the twig didn't or haven't done anything either. I'm still soundly of the mind that the only Foriegn or Dometistic policy is the "right thing". At least then when we, because let's face we suport the decisions by proxy that is why it is called Representative Democracy, screw up it will not be for all the wrong reasons.

Why She Loves Men

And Why I Love Men by Halley Suitt. Gee and I thought hairy hands and arms was a bummer, always getting singed off over a camp fire or the gril.

He is Published

How Linux Could Become the Next Killer Desktop by Mister Delmar Watkins. NeXT, Cocoa and Simmply GNUStep oh, my.

Sing it, brother!!!

Why Run for Office

What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against?
Steinbeck, quoted by Tarra Sue Grubb in Why Tara Is Running


Joel is basicly on target, about Platforms. One component that also affects platform use is marketing, if not then OpenSource platforms would always win.
Everybody pays it except the developer -- when you're writing software for Windows, it doesn't cost one extra cent.
Well not one extra cent other than the $1,000+ for the Visual X. The Apple case has defiantely changed, dev tools free for all on the platform unser OS X.

Princess Bride Poll Time

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CarTalk on SUVs

The CarTalk guys try to bring some intelligenct ot the SUV debate.
Having studied the facts ourselves, we don't think SUVs are completely useless. They do meet the needs of some people. But we do think that there are serious downsides to them. And we think that many people who buy them, don't need them.

Supporting Global Terror

The 'Thank You' Sticker
Stop your engine.
No smoking.
Pre-pay after dark.
Return nozzle to pump when finished fueling.
Thank you for fianancing global terror.
All in a handy yellow sticker form perfect for afixing to the gas pump. Priceless.

RSS to Sidebar

DJ rocks, Sidebars, Mozilla, RSS: old and new, damm that is just way too cool.

Release MORE Source Code

MORE's source
Had we been forced to release the source, I don't think we could have sold our investors on taking a chance on us, ...
One problem with the sellingthe invesotrs, you are probably correct given they way copyright/pattent/IP law was understood and implemented at that time. But what if the different interpetation that some like Lessig and others are suggesting was what EVERYONE had to follow?

There is a great story to illustrate the point, don't have a link. Back in the day before there were motorized hospital beds, everything hand cranked by nurses, orderlies and patients and inventor figured out the "perfect" design. He thought that it would so benefit humanity that he put the plans in the public domain. Others looked at the plans and agreeded that wasthe bestdesign and could be made for the same price as contemporary hospital beds. Now the irony is that no one ever got to use one of these beds, no manufacturer would make one because they didn't want any competition. See if they would have one unique part that was patented no one could compete on price.

Card & Careers

'My greatest teacher once told me,' said Yasujiro, 'that a man who has risked his life knows that careers are worthless, and a man who will not risk his career has a worthless life.'
Chidren of the Mind, Orson Scott Card, Page 248

Londo Speaks

"... wine, women, song ..." Londo Molari
Gotta love that line. It speaks of celebration, joy, happiness and it came from one with such misery.

Jamie Lee Curtis is too cool

Jamie Lee Curtis has nothing to hide, first a what she looks like when she wakes up then a after the 3 hours of people dolling her up.

Pulp Fiction Character Time


Sex Accidents

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Live Sex Accidents, like "... roommates catch you in the act ..." then run down the hall and hide in bathroom standing on a toilet. Now something like that would never happen :)

Blogging for Dollars

Java History

Good Excuses

Useful Excuses for Labor Day
Excuse to drink beer: Dutch researchers believe they have proved that beer in moderation is better for men than red wine or other alcoholic beverages when it comes to preventing heart disease or even cancer.

The Dutch Nutrition and Food Research Institute studied 111 men and concluded that beer contains vitamin B6, which prevents the build up the chemical homocysteine, believed to be one of factors in heart disease. Wine and spirits did not have this effect to the same extent, they said.
Carl will love this one.
For the kids:
Excuse to chew gum: Chewing gum makes you smarter. Researchers at England's University of Northumbria concluded that chewing gum has a positive effect on cognitive tasks such as thinking and memory. Peppermint or spearmint? It doesn't make a difference. The key, researchers say, is the repetitive chewing motion.


"Action without philosophy is a lethal weapon. Philosophy without action is worthless".
-- Soichiro Honda
[via if Honda made software?]

Goddaughter the Photographer

  1. Cheap digital camera
  2. 3 1/2 old Goddaughter
  3. Babysitting on evening
  4. priceless
Well they do look like a 3 year old took the pics but some of you out there might find them cute.

Good Stuff from the W3C

When Corporate Greed was Punished

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When the Truth Had Consequences
It is hard to observe the latest crop of corporate scandals involving Enron, WorldCom and others without wondering what happened to the tough treatment once meted out to white-collar malefactors and their associates. "No more easy money for corporate criminals, just hard time," said President Bush when he signed the corporate accountability act last month. So far that is mainly talk.
Hmm, maybe nothing has really happened because Bush would have to go after his Vice President.

66 Billion

Fortune looks at CEOs and board members that made a killing selling before the bubble burst. Like making 66 Billion while others lost their retirement.

Who declared War?

Related to the previous post. If we are fighting a War on Terror, a War in Afganastan, and maybe a War on Iraq why hasn't congress declared war? You know like the War on Terror or the War on Drugs. Wasn't the way it is soposed to play out acording to the constiution that the congress declares war and the president leads the fight? Or maybe I just missed something in school.
Section 8:Clause 11: To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;
That is under Congressional Powers.

Military doesn't want to invade Iraq

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Help from the Hill, Military insiders want some to derail Bush's plans for Iraq.
As a rule, both the joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency's leadership prefer that Congress stay out of their affairs. Indeed, an ideal Congress for many denizens of this realm would be one that simply holds open the cash spigots while Langley and the Pentagon set their own agendas. That makes it particularly alarming to see that as the Bush administration lays its plans for Iraq, career military and intelligence officers are increasingly -- and desperately -- looking to Congress to help stave off what they fear will be a disaster.
Can anyone remember the last time, maybe Lincoln, that the military didn't like the Republican president?

JSP on Windows

First Weblog Corporate Policy

Personal Website and Weblog Guidelines, nice and rational. Though if/when Groove gets bought out by one of the big boys expectit the policy to change.

MovableType Ugrade

Finally upgraded the MovableType to version 2.21. So let me know if you experience any problems. Oh, and this also means to expece the layout/look to probably change soon and some TrackBack goodness to start to show up.

Visual Scandal

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Scandal map, the geographer in me leves visual spacial representations.

Books about L

The True Meaning of Programming Book Titles

Why Textbooks Suck

Textbook Publishers Profiting from Students' Loss
Tim Paulson is a New York-based educational publishing professonal. He was good enough to give us an insider's view of the textbook industry.
Not suprising, given my public highschool experience. Though it is worse at the Catholic schools, not only are the textbooks crap but they mostly 20-30 years old.

Dr. Laura meet Buffy

One for the Buffy fans, especially ones that have recently seen the 2nd Season. Buffy Calls Dr. Laura
[via whedonesque]

Godless Constitution

Debunking the Myth
This article summarizes some research into our godless Constitution in the form of 25 facts and arguments you can use to debunk the myth of a Christian United States. I was surprised at much of what I found.


11. There is a tradition that Hamilton opposed convention prayers because he thought they did not need the help of a "foreign power." I have found no additional information on this.

EFF Blogs

EFF Weblogs (Blogs)
  • Consensus at Laywerpoint Being a true account of the undertakings of the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group (BPDG)
  • [more coming soon]

The Buisness Plan

From the Cryptonomicon The Buisness Plan.

RSS to Sidebar

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Corvar's Mozilla Sidebar Page for converting RSS feeds to a Mozilla Sidebar.


The Glass Planet Wallpapers from a lan party dude from BC.

Baloney Detector

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Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit or "Tools for skeptical thinking."
What skeptical thinking bolls down to is the means to construct, and to understand, a reasoned argument and -especially important- to recognize a fallacious or fraudulent argument. The question is not whether we like the conclusion that emerges out of a train of reasoning, but whether the conclusion follows from the premise or starting point and whether that premise is true.

Ogg Meets Video where Ogg will meet video.

XUL Luv'n

Altered Propaganda

A creative soul has altered several WWII poster with a new message for our times.

Donations for Answers

affero: the company
Activate Your Email Signature to Help the Causes You Support
May provide a start to some of the ideas to keep independent content through patrionage.

Stickmen Fight!!!

Flash Stickmen Fight archive.

Why International Law Scares Some

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I confess that I'm really just getting started thinking about this issue, and I'm not in favor of nationalism, per se. I am, however, in favor of transparency and accountability, and am strongly biased toward systems that favor those qualities.

Muslims Need Democracy
Where Freedom Reigns - "If Islam is ever to undergo a reformation, as Christianity and Judaism did, it's only going to happen in a Muslim democracy. People say Islam is an angry religion. I disagree. It's just that a lot of Muslims are angry, because they live under repressive regimes, with no rule of law, where women are not empowered and youth have no voice in their future. What is a religion but a mirror on your life?"

Howto Web Write

MSN Summary

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MSN is writing sumaries for some blogs,MSN Search: fozbaca
Computer and technology oriented weblog also offers news stories and humor. Read commentary and visit the many links.
[via cyborgirl]

Web Designs Templates

Open Source Web Design kinda more generic version of Blog Skins

Java OOP Tut

Don't fear the OOP, java tutorial
Don't fear the OOP
A java tutorial that shows you why Coding Java
(or any other object-oriented programming)
is just like writing a trashy Western novel.
How to understand Java by looking at pretty colors.
[via camworld]

Relationships Oldstyle

Don�t Be Rude: Part II, Relationships, apply a little old school to modern dating.

Blog Pedigree blog's pedigree. Kinda an intresting idea. Now to see a graphical genelogy of the blogish world.

The Question

"Litmus Test"
"Tell me something about yourself?" Now, that's only the sound of me loading the gun, it doesn't fully unload until the inevitable reply. "What do you want to know?"

Here comes the shot, if you're sensitive, you might want to cover your ears. "What do you think I should know about you?"
[via dive into mark]

the blogger code

Friday Five: The Car

  1. Do you have a car? Yep, '95 Cavalier.
  2. Do you drive very often? Probably every couple of days. Though I really like the road trips.
  3. What's your dream car? Probabay a 60's Mustang, preferably a rag top.
  4. Have you ever received a ticket? Yep, 2 of them. First one was the notorious speed trap between Lexington and Louisville. Second was the car dieing and haveing one last burst of speed right infront a State Trooper.
  5. Have you ever been in an accident? Yep again. 3 while driving and 1 as a passanger.
the friday five

From the Realm of the Unexpected

Vin Diesel is into D&D, now who would have thunk. If you don't know, Diesel has a new flick out XXX. Oh and get this he was the voice of The Iron Giant.

Oposing view

Linux Job Site

Mojolin: Unix, Linux and Embedded Jobs and Resumes. Perl, Python, Apache, PHP, Mysql jobs and more. Might be useful to the rest of the ex-Merilus developers and techs.

What are they up to

Remember those the "big hair" bands of the 80's? How about Poison? Well their drummer �ikki�ockett, "Smoke Crack & Worship Satin!" what a tag line for sunday morning, has a website and some new artwork, just a little potty humor. Check out the link, he is doing artwork on toilet seats.
[via metafilter]

Who's Fault is Bad Computer Security

Scapegoating the wrong people rebuts Security czar points finger of blame, saying government crippled the internet and the computer security proponents. Some good points but something that needs to be mentioned is the addage that there is that "there is no thing as absolute security." Security is really about risk management, how much risk are you willing to expose given the security precautions you are willing to attempt. Back in the day government didn't trust the buisness or people so the risk wasn't the reward, better security. Now it is in vogue for government to say "we want better security" but the real risk is to allow buisnesses and people access to serious security, a risk that government isn't really willing to take. So like most all political posturing post 9/11 it is only meaningless measure.

Friday Five: The Ancestors

  1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from? All German except 1 great grandmother who was Irish.
  2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit? Germany, most ofthe family was from the relatively same area.
  3. Which would you least like to visit? Why? Well I would like to visit Ireland too, so I would not least like to visit either :)
  4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage? Well not specifically but I do like to goto Octoberfeists and have a good brawtwurst and beer.
  5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)? On one side of the faimly I think it wa the great grand parents. On the other I think it goes back as far as 13 generations.
the friday five

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