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  • "Politicians have tried and failed for decades to enact universal health care. This time, they succeeded. In 2008, Democrats won the presidency and both houses of Congress, and by the thinnest of margins, they rammed a bill through. They weren't going to get another opportunity for a very long time. It cost them their majority, and it was worth it." Very different and positive take on the 2010 election results.
  • is an amazing service that has become the preferred bookmark repository of the 'Net savvy. Unfortunately, while adding URLs is simple, checking that they are still accessible isn't quite as easy.

Frank Joseph Zimmerman - Tracker Group

Maternal Grandfather, Frank Zimmerman, with anti aircraft half track anti aircraft and crew. Scanned from a School Yearbook style book created by the 3rd Armor Division World War II.

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  • As was elucidated by Haldane, large animals do not look like small animals: an elephant cannot be mistaken for a mouse scaled up in size. The bones of an elephant are necessarily proportionately much larger than the bones of a mouse, because they must carry proportionately higher weight. Because of this, the giant animals seen in horror movies (e.g., Godzilla) are unrealistic, as their sheer size would force them to collapse. However, it's no coincidence that the largest animals in existence today are giant aquatic animals, because the buoyancy of water negates to some extent the effects of gravity. Therefore, sea creatures can grow to very large sizes without the same musculoskeletal structures that would be required of similarly sized land creatures.

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