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Reported: Apple's Microsoft Word Killer
The new package, said to be named "Document," includes 100% import and export functionality with Microsoft Word files, but goes much farther than that venerable word processor has ever managed in giving the user a full-scope document development environment (a term used by one of our sources in describing the new product).

It is said that Apple Document will draw heavily from the experience gained within the KeyNote development team, but has been a completely independent project within Apple. And, many of the rich feature concepts evident in KeyNote will also be present in Document, with full implementation of the Aqua interface and of Quartz graphics, including anti-aliased text.

Sources say that Document will seamlessly import and export components in a large number of formats, from Word, Excel, and Photoshop, among others. And, most interesting is a report that it will also provide many alternate output format choices, including advanced .PDF (with selectable compression), several levels of HTML (including DHTML), a wide assortment of multimedia formats, and will provide easy to use tools for adding XML tags to documents.
Hmm, very intresting. I hope it , or something pretty close to it, is comming from Apple.
[via reality bytes]

The story of ClarisWorks

A Brief History of ClarisWorks. Claris(Apple)Works is still my favorite "productivity suite". It was one of the cleanest and most stable set of applications I think I ever used.
Years later I realized that this feeling had led to a certain blindness to the pace at which the rest of the industry was moving. In its effort to produce slick, bug-free software, Claris was neglecting the hard reality that sheer number of features sells, independent of elegance of design. Some products, such as MacWrite Pro, were delayed so long by stringent quality assurance requirements that they lost their effectiveness in the market.
Shame to hear first hand how quality is not rewarded in the software marketplace.
Apple and Gobe did indeed discuss possibilities at various points in Gobe's history; however, I am not at liberty to go into details. Apple did not in the end acquire Gobe as such, but three of its founders, Scott Holdaway, Scott Lindsey, and Carl Grice, did rejoin Apple as employees when Gobe failed. They won't tell me what they are up to (even off the record!), but whatever it is, it does not involve the Gobe Productive codebase. Nor, I am reasonably sure, does it involve the ClarisWorks / AppleWorks codebase.
Hmm, intresting, more fule to the iOffice rumors floating around.

The Mars Legacy

Oh man! Look at those spacemen go ...
President George Bush may announce the plan, named Project Prometheus, at his State of the Union address on January 28, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. It would commit the US to the exploration of Mars as a priority and herald the development of a nuclear-powered propulsion system. The first voyage could take place as soon as 2010.
If Bush does make a maned Mars mission a priority, as Kennedy did with the Moon missions, he might be able to pull a positive Presidental legacy yet. I don't really think he would support something like this but stranger things have happened.

Java 3d Game

Java is Doomed is a first person ego shooter dedicated to the fantastic game DOOM. The program is developed in java and uses OpenGL as graphic API. To access OpenGL via java the technologie of the OpenSource project gl4java is used. The target of the project is to find out if it is possible to use java to develope professional games.

Job Duties and Cub Scouts

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Last time I worked for the horse place one of the more unique duties I had was fixing the Equine treadmill. It really didn't make sense other than it had some electornics so I got the job.

This time around the most bizzare, so far, thing I have done was as advisor for the owner's son's pine box derby entry. In case you don't know a winter tradition for Cub Scouts in the US. Take a block of wood and make a car for racing. Definately something I didn't expect to do when starting but par for the course.

Which brings me to another thought, Cub and Boy Scouts was some of the best memories durring that time.

Free Books

One Page, Ten Years

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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years, lots of good ideas in one page.

Bush's Motives

[via jim and the merilus list]

Camel POOP

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A nice Perl OOP intro article, Camel POOP: Object Oriented Programming in Perl, over on evolt.

Tabs Redefined

Intresting idea for a Possible Implementation of Tabs in Safari. Not sure if it is exactly what I would want but my love for tabs in a web browser is just from it being the better than all the other ways I have tried to manage 10+ pages at a time.

DSL Update

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Received a message from AllTell, the phone company and DSL folks in these parts, that the modem should be at my place on January 22, this wednesday. The bizzare thing is that they left the message at my parent's place, the back up number. One would think that the phone company would know my new phone number.

eXtreme Dilbert

Outlook/Exchange Blog Tool

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OutBlog, blog via Outlook and Exchange.



Well you have probably noticed that the posting have been sparce recently. Starting Monday January 6th I started the new job, which is kinda my old job from 5 years ago, moved back to Lexington. The changes have made for lots of business at work trying to get settled in and get a handle on exactly what they are paying me to do. In my freetime I have been settling into a new apartment and not yet having phone service, now fixed, and not yet DSL, still working on that one.

So in the mean time don't expect many posts and when they pick up again don't be surprised in a slight change in focus. The new job is as a Windows Wennie :)

Test-Driven Development

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Looks like I moved from the Cincinnati area to the Lexington area a week too soon. Found some notes from a XP in Cincinnati workshop on Test-Driven Development. The examples use Ruby but shoudl be useful for any language.


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Decided to do the GeoURL thing. The Geographer in me juct couldn't resist.

Catch Me If You Can

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Saw Catch Me If You Can today. I'm usually one to like Tom Hanks movies and this one was no different even if the character was a bit of an odball, the FBI agent tracking down Frank. Now with Dicrapo I'm usually on the thumbs down side, his characters usually are the weakest points of his movies, but Catch Me was an exception. Maybe Frank, the kid who inpersonated pilots, doctors and lawyers in a massive check fraud scheme, was really just very much DiCapro playing himself. All in all it was an enjoyable flick. I would give it a thumbs up for a matinee.


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Some better late than never resolutions for the new year, in no paticular order:
  • Keep a diary, old school style
  • Read more
  • Walk more
  • Get up earlier, go to bed earlier
  • Write more
  • Be more financially responsible
  • Buy less stuff
  • Be more social in the real world
  • Date
  • Improve my work ethic
  • Create more
  • Get reinvolved with social justice locally
  • Figure out What Should I Do With My Life?, maybe read the book and start reading more books
  • Continue being a non smoker, had first I really hate cigaretes moment over xmas holidays

Corporations Lie?

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 18:26:33 -0800 (PST) From: "delmar watkins" Subject: important: read and post!! To: fozbaca@yahoo.com


oh, and by the way.

good luck.

I say Hear Hear, go read Now Corporations Claim The "Right To Lie". It is not bad enough that they lie to thier owners, share holders, but now they want the "right" to lie to us all.

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