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Was supper at Hofbrauhaus

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Found at @lasclex

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Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Owe Anybody Even a Single Dollar | Wealthsimple
Before he was the guy from Parts Unknown, he was 44, never had a savings account, hadn't filed taxes in 10 years, and was AWOL on his AmEx bill. That turned out…

Park afternoon

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I saw you posted something about Slam Bradley, who...
Youknow, I’ve heard a few comics histories call the pre-superhero era of comicsthe “Platinum Age.” Here’s something interesting: for a decade after Zero Hour,…

Pandemic Legacy, May

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STEM: Still No Shortage – I. M. H. O. – Medium
On a myth that just won’t die

Do What You Can't: The Transcript • r/caseyneistat
To the haters. The doubters. My seventh-grade vice-principal. To everyone who’s ever told anyone with a dream: “they can’t.” This video’s for you. Keep your…

Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy, Fan-Edited Down To Two Hours
← Main About Contact Table of Contents . (updated November 2015) Hi! I’m Fiona van Dahl/FekketCantenel. I grew up watching and re-watching The Hobbit, the…

That fainting life

That fainting life
Isabella Rotman drew a comic for The Nib about her life as a hemophobe (someone who faints at the sight of blood). Once at a former deli job, I passed out onto…

Bo Bung at Pete's Wok

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Breakfast Smile

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Lent Fish Fry

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Friends walking in the rain

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David Letterman on Life After TV, Late Night Today, and the Man He Calls Trumpy
Since retiring after 33 years on the late night television, David Letterman has kept a low public profile — aided by the growth of a truly impressive beard .…

Korean Market

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What was supper

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The great majority of violent crime in America goes unsolved
If Trump wants to stop crime in the US, these are the numbers that should worry him.

"Research shows clearly that the chance of being caught is a vastly more effective deterrent than even draconian punishment." They added, "Research has found evidence that prison can exacerbate, not reduce, recidivism. Prisons themselves may be schools for learning to commit crimes." So more certainty of punishment can deter crime, while more severity can actually make it worse after a certain point.

Castle Panic, tonight's board game

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How Trump could actually help stop the "cycle of violence" in America
Win McNamee/Getty Images During his first address to Congress , President Donald Trump on Tuesday promised to “break the cycle of violence” that plagues…

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