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Children's Apple Juice at Pho BC

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Traveller RPG, Firefly, Dumarest, Vatta's War... are they all "Star Punk"? - Charlie's Diary
^^^ Me again. M Harold Page . The writer with the swords and some books in print, rather than the one with the cats and a metric tonne of books in print (plus…

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Day One

Day One
A writer writes. Always. Part of the daily ritual (and it must become a ritual) is journaling. Journaling apps are a dime a dozen and most amount to little more…

If you really respect Trump voters, tell them the truth
Struggling communities deserve help, but nostalgia economics won’t work.

The Folly of Jiro

The Folly of Jiro
That’s tragic, not inspiring. As noble as you may believe your pursuit of excellence is, it means nothing if you go home at night to people who do not recognize…

Home - Lyrebird

Home - Lyrebird
Loading - Lyrebird

Survivorship Bias

Survivorship Biasis

The Flickr Explore page is still really amazing – 15 Minutes in the Morning
Matt Haughey Internet nerd writing about internet nerdery, mostly. Apr 17 The Flickr Explore page is still really amazing Tim Carmody is guest hosting…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

Kite Fest at Jacobson Park

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My Fidget Cube arrived!!!

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A Tribute To Carrie Fisher

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Why I gave my kidney to a stranger

So I know there have been some game changing...
Here’s one off the top of my head that is overlooked:Eric van Lustbader’s thriller novel, Ninja. It’s amazing to think about, butbefore the early 1980s, nobody…

What's your general opinion on League of...
I loved it, of course! America’s Best Comics was noidle boast. League was always interesting to me in that the point of writing it was right in the text: “the…

André Staltz - An off-grid social network
Scuttlebutt is slang for gossip, particularly among sailors. It is also the name of a peer-to-peer system ideal for social graphs, identity and messaging.…

Something We Can All Agree On (Wisconsin Supper Clubs)
You don't need to take a political or artistic stand to make a huge impact with a photo book. When people ask about what photo book made the most impact…

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