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Cellphone Drivers Are Dangerous

Looks like cellphone using drivers, even hands free, are more dangerous than drunk drivers. According to A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver, via Marginal Revolution

iMac G5

Inital reaction, cool, but still too costly.

Ducati Chooper

What happens when a Ducati meets a Chooper?

Bush's Swift Boat Vet Wat Treated

Flashback to 1999, remember the book Fortunate Son? Probably not. Now compare it to the treatment Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry is recieving. Where is that "Liberal Media" when you need it?

Military Reading List

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Slashdot came through with a good one, US Military Commander's Suggested Reading List. First the a Army Reading List then the comments fill in the Marines and Air Force versions.

Recently I have been trying to get a better background in strategy, be it military, political or buisness. So books like The Art of War, The Prince, Hagakure and the like. Feel free to recommend any missing must reads.

Great Cuthulu For Sale

There is a Cuthulu statue for sale, just $3900.

British Kung Fu

We don't want any of that Jackie Chan Bollocks !, British Kung Fu

Butts popular at the Olympics

Might be a clue for improving Olympic spectator attendance.
6 of the 10 most emailed images from Yahoo are of Female Olympic Athlete's Butts. Seems that the Beach Volleyball is pretty popular amongst some this year!
Olympic Babes Images Among Most Emailed from Yahoo

A message from White House West


Will Ferrell, as President Bush in A message from White House West

Doom 3 Duct Tape

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Duct Tape mod for Doom 3 assumes that there has to be some duct tape around to attach your flashlight to your shotgun and such. There is also Doom 3 Flashlight + Pistol.

Which brings me to one of my annoyance in Doom 3. In 2004 stardard issue military, and most police, firearms have a flashlight attachment. Even in broad daylight the flashlight is on almost every rifle. So what happend in the furture these attachments become a lost technology? Also if every police show has cops using the flashlight in one hand and pistol how come in the future this is a lost skill?

If the use of flashlight and weapon would destory the "experience" then take the flashlight away but dammit not letting them both be used at the same time is pretty fsck'n stupid.

Doom 3


I didn't do like many and rush out to pick up Doom 3 on tuesday but waited til last night :) Inital reaction on the graphics, "OH MY FSCK'N GOD! How did they do those awesome graphics" Inital reaction to game play, "OH MY FSCK'N GOD! How unplayable." Maybe it is my ever worsening eyesight combined with the kick ass realtime lighting and shading. Maybe it is my expectation for the rooms to have a function.

I'm hoping my experience changes the more I play the game but the expectations are kinda low. Though one good thing about the game play was to remind me how great the story and game play was in HalfLife. So how many more days til HalfLife2 comes out?

Dooom 3
Graphic Awesomeness 9/10
Game Play 6/10

I Hate IE

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If I could only put Bryan Bell's statment on one of the new work sites:
No InternetExplorer Site design downgraded to work with Windows Internet Explorer. Images surrounded by grey result from IE's failure to support the revolutionary PNG standard. Alternative web browsers (Mozilla, Safari, etc.) provide a better web experience.
Oh, the frustration.

The real reason Bush invaded Iraq


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