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Dear Twitter, we see your 31 providers and raise you 134 – Embedly (tags: twitter embed extension chrome) 30+ Awesome CodeIgniter Tutorials for all Skill Levels (tags: codeigniter php tutorials list) Role-playing Games – Stack Exchange Role-playing Games is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for people who love Role-playing Games. It's 100% free, […]

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page (tags: design usability) Cocoa with Love: Version control for solo Mac developers (tags: git programming mac development osx) The 10 Best Self Development Books Of 2010 (tags: list book reading)

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Mobile Opportunity: What's really wrong with BlackBerry (and what to do about it) (tags: mobile business blackberry economics) Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design (tags: design theory principles reference inspiration)

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Google Fusion Tables (Beta) – Share and discuss your data online Upload small or large data sets from spreadsheets or CSV files. Visualize your data on maps, timelines and charts. Pick who can access your data; hide parts of your data if needed. Merge data from multiple tables. Discuss your data with others. Track changes […]

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The Wire DnD Alignment (tags: thewire dnd) The Black And Decker TLD100 Thermail Leak Detector (tags: Winterizing diy tool @toget) JavaScript 101 – A Free 10 Hour Audio Course (tags: 101 audio coding javascript)

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Bit Bang Theory Alignment Chart (tags: dnd funny bbt) How the iPad Is Influencing Web Apps (tags: design chrome iPad) 101 Cookbooks – Healthy Recipe Journal (tags: baking cooking recipes) Review of the Ultra-Sil DayPack from Sea to Summit (tags: travel bags @toget) tidypub – publish classy Publish online any text in a readable and […]

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write-space – A customizable, offline, and full-screen text-editor. Write Space is an installable web-application for Google Chrome / Chromium and derived web-browsers. It is a minimalist, full-screen text-editor that aims to be simple and distraction-free, yet customizable to suit the user's preferences. (tags: editor chrome) RSS Live Links – Google Chrome extension gallery (tags: rss […]

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Pure CSS3 box-shadow page curl effect (tags: design css html tutorial) 7 myths about paper prototyping (tags: design prototyping usability) Paper prototyping helper kit (tags: paper prototyping usability widgets) — a.d.d. approved news reading : summarize your favorite web feeds and urls (tags: app summarize content rss web)

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jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0 (tags: jquery javascript table tablesorter plugin sort ajax tables) gps4cam | the geotag app for iPhone. The app that brings geotagging to every camera!Works with every digital camera, every format (jpg, raw…)Don't need any connection to internet or nay other network.Manage your geotagged pictures in photo software like iPhoto, Lightroom and […]