links for 2010-12-07

  • Write Space is an installable web-application for Google Chrome / Chromium and derived web-browsers. It is a minimalist, full-screen text-editor that aims to be simple and distraction-free, yet customizable to suit the user's preferences.
    (tags: editor chrome)
  • "So your choice is clear: You can take a horrible productivity hit or you can deal with the enhanced risk of getting secrets leaked. My personal opinion is that your best bet is to have really good reasons for doing what you’re doing and saying what you’re saying and make sure the people who know the secrets know the reasons, too. Also, it would help if you don’t treat your staff like shit. Or condone slaughtering civilians and then try to cover it up.
    I wasn’t born yesterday; nobody will ever do away with leaking (my employer sure hasn’t managed it.) But there are things you can do to minimize the incentive for people to embark on this kind of wholesale sociopathy."
  • Welcome to the new home of Practical PHP Programming – now updated for PHP 5.2. This is the definitive source for the book from now on, and you'll be pleased to know the entire book is hosted on a super-fast server so you should never have access troubles again.
    While updating the text, we have endeavoured to leave chapters in place even if we think they are no longer the smartest option – after all, it's not for us to decide what you should use. In places where we recommend one solution over another, you'll find this clearly marked.