Some better late than never resolutions for the new year, in no paticular order:

  • Keep a diary, old school style
  • Read more
  • Walk more
  • Get up earlier, go to bed earlier
  • Write more
  • Be more financially responsible
  • Buy less stuff
  • Be more social in the real world
  • Date
  • Improve my work ethic
  • Create more
  • Get reinvolved with social justice locally
  • Figure out
    What Should I Do With My Life?
    , maybe read the book and start reading more books
  • Continue being a non smoker, had first I really hate cigaretes moment over xmas holidays

One reply on “Resolutions”

And, of course, you should add “get a phone and call your friends” to the list. Damnit, a MacWorld has come to pass, and I have no one with which to talk about the neat toys!!!!

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