Catch Me If You Can

Saw Catch Me If You Can today. I’m usually one to like Tom Hanks movies and this one was no different even if the character was a bit of an odball, the FBI agent tracking down Frank. Now with Dicrapo I’m usually on the thumbs down side, his characters usually are the weakest points of his movies, but Catch Me was an exception. Maybe Frank, the kid who inpersonated pilots, doctors and lawyers in a massive check fraud scheme, was really just very much DiCapro playing himself. All in all it was an enjoyable flick. I would give it a thumbs up for a matinee.

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Coincidentally, my girlfriend and I caught this tonight, too.. I liked it pretty well. That is, it was entertaining and exceeded my expectations (which I admit were pretty low).

Although I seem to be a bigger fan of ol’ Leo than you 🙂 He’s done some good work, despite all the hype after Titanic.. Ever see This Boy’s Life? Or his performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Good stuff.

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