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WebGrazer an OS X app for browsing pr0n. So engel how is it?

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There is a “bug” in the software wherein if you try to use it without first buying AMF (Adult Media Finder), you will basically have just two options: buy it or quit the app.

I can’t stress enough how much this sucked.

The author said that the date is hard-coded, so i set the clock back JUST to give everyone this review, of course.



Wow. If you like porn and have $15 to spend, and OSX, then go out RIGHT NOW and get this. It is really a porn lover’s dream.

The basic idea is that there are about 60 pre-made categories, anywhere from Amateur to Blondes to Russians to Anime (and more exotic stuff, too, like Gay or Fetish). Pick your obsession and press “download” and get ready for some porn!

Once you have found the images that you like, you can them mark them as “favourites”, and there is also a slideshow function that is ok.

There are some rough edges, and I’m sure that there will be updates to make life even easier for pr0n viewing. One thing I did not like is that all of the images are thumbnailed and you click on an image to “preview” it before putting it into your favourites. The preview window is a popup, so because of focus it is usually slower and clumsier than it should be to see every picture. If there were a “next”, “back”, and “add to favourites” buttons on the popup window it would be better, but it is only a window with the picture in it.

This application will very easily suck all of your available bandwidth.

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