DaveNet: Are you an open

DaveNet: Are you an open source developer?

PS: I see this as exactly analogous to the debate in music between artists and the industry. The artists should define the industry, not the other way around, of course, imho.

PPS: It’s also parallel to the debate in the medical industry, between doctors and the HMOs. Now that software development has been going full force for fifty years, it’s high time that we take responsibility for defining what we do. If we don’t do it, outsiders are happy to do it for us.

Any group, programer’s, doctors, traditional artists, etc, would love to remove the buisness aspect of their art/work as much as posiable. Unfortunately this isn’t really posiably when one is expected to be a “productive” member of a capatolist socitey. It is about time to rethink if the botom line is the only measure of succcess. In medecine the botom line means that most will not recieve the best healthcare. Face it bottom line means he with the most money gets the most.