Project Bait and Switch “In

Project Bait and Switch

“In all cases, the blocking companies agreed to block the pages we submitted in their “hate speech” categories. We then
contacted the blocking companies to ask if they would block the organizations whose Web pages were the sources of our
anti-gay quotes.

So far, all of the censorware companies in our experiment have been back-pedaling since then, saying that they will not
block the pages which were the original sources for the anti-gay quotes. Naturally, Peacefire does not advocate censoring
these pages, but only because we are against censorship in general. If blocking software claims to block sites which
“denigrate people based on sexual orientation” — as almost all censorware companies claim to do, in their published
definitions of “hate speech” — then the sites that we listed clearly meet those criteria.”

Way to go kids.
[via mouth organ]