“The Language of the Living

“The Language of the Living Dead” or “How To Understand Recruiters”

“Finding a recruiter willing to work on these terms is easy: all it requires is a disorganized pathological liar with no imagination, an IQ below 60, an atrophied sense of basic ethics, and an obsession with becoming a millionaire before turning 30. Business schools put these out all of the time.”

My experience with recruiters only reinforces this statement. Hey any recruiters out there get a clue. Learn something about the field you are recruiting for, example learn the difference between Perl and Java. Learn to be accommodating, when a prospective recruite says they can’t talk at work then make yourself available after business hours. Remember you are a service industry, to the employer and employee, so serve. You have a job because of us.

Another peve, from the talk of recruiters, job listings, and companies hiring, everyone out there has 50-100 employees, is planning on hiring 2-3 times that number in the next year, and will be IPOing with in the year. I just have a hard time believing you when you just send like everyone else. Something to remember the most valuable “capitol” are your employees. Treat potential employees like your Venture Capitol because we are just as hard to “acquire”.

A definition, “the company is moving real quick on hiring for the position” really means 6-12 months from now they might be making a decision. Why do companies what a new employee to start the day of the offer, not allowing for the standard 2 weeks notice and posable moving time, but allow weeks to elapse between contacting the applicant?

So can you tell I have been frustrated by the job searching process 🙂