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Clever Girl: Making the R2D2 Helmet (tags: diy starwars helmet motorcycle) DIY Star Wars Bike Helmet is Pure Awesomeness! (tags: StarWars DIY Motorcycle) Urban Quiver, camera bag The Urban Quiver is made for use as a day excursion pack. When designing this bag, we opted to create something different, that didn't look like a typical, […]

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Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Helmet Creative motorcycle helmet inspired by the R2-D2 droid from Star Wars. (tags: StarWars Motorcycle gear) iTunes for Windows: "Unable to load data class" or "Unable to load provider data" sync services alert (tags: itunes iphone problem)

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Mobile development with HTML5 (tags: javascript jquery mobile) I just felt a tremor in the Force. No wait, that w I just felt a tremor in the Force. No wait, that was an earthquake.

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Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not (tags: politics economics finance) HDR Best Practices Guide – Part I (tags: hdr photography) Adobe Lightroom Texture Brush I am really appreciative that so many of you love my HDR Texture brush that I shared out in Part III of the HDR Best Practices Guide. […]

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Letter from Steve Jobs (tags: SteveJobs apple) Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes (tags: quotes SteveJobs) pugpig beta Pugpig is the HTML5 publishing platform that allows you to create beautiful newspapers, magazines and books for the iPad, iPhone, Android and more. Pugpig is a hybrid that mixes the best bits of native code with the juiciest cuts […]

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HTML5 Rocks – "Mobifying" Your HTML5 Site Developing for the mobile web is a hot topic these days. This year, for the first time ever, smart phones out sold PCs. More and more users are using a mobile device to traverse the web, which means it's becoming critical for developers to optimize their sites for […]

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The Cause Of Riots And The Price of Food (tags: food economics riots politics) Short-term capitalism (tags: capatalism) The Golden Hour Calculator / Sunrise and Sunset information for photographers (tags: photography reference) Chrome and Safari extension to rehabilitate disruptive footnotes. Anchor-linked footnotes always disrupt your page position and consequently your flow when reading. Footnotify is […]

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Spanish water-parks are just hang-outs for mega sl Spanish water-parks are just hang-outs for mega sluts. Despite this, I enjoyed watching dolphins and sea lions and finally eating some carbs

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Economic science fiction "Several commenters mentioned Issac Asimov’s Foundation novels. It’s somewhat embarrassing, but that’s how I got into economics: I wanted to be a psychohistorian when I grew up, and economics was as close as I could get." (tags: Economics Scifi) Brownie Pancakes (tags: recipe cooking) APhotoStudent List of 26 Photo Readings (tags: photography […]