links for 2010-12-04

Friendika is the new social web. Friendika is a distributed social network application which runs on commodity hosting platforms – PHP/MySQL/Apache. (If you can install Drupal or WordPress you can probably install Friendika). A single Friendika installation supports up to several thousand members. But here's the cool part… Every Friendika installation can connect with any […]

links for 2010-12-02 – read Twitter as a daily newspaper (tags: aggregator converter daily) Acrylic – Pulp for iPad (tags: app newsreader ipad) Miniapp: Hacker Newspaper (tags: app css design geek aggregator) Let's Make a Framework: Free eBook (tags: ebook javascript framework) Hacker Newspaper (tags: aggregator @dailyme) The Sweet Beet: 14 Food Shockers (tags: health foods) The […]