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USB to NAS Adapter from Addonics he Addonics NAS (network attached storage) Adapter is a convenient and economical solution for adding any USB storage devices onto your LAN (Local Area Network). Once on the network, the USB storage can be shared by any network user, just like an ordinary NAS device. When use in conjunction […]

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Curved corner (border-radius) cross browser (tags: Web CSS HTML webdesign IE6 rounded) 10 Principles of the UI Design Masters (tags: UI Usability List Tips Advice GUI inspiration ux Accessibility interface Design Web)

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Battlestar Catch-Up Teaser! (tags: Video BSG BattlestarGalactica) 10 techniques every cook should know (tags: Tutorial Recipe Tips Reference kitchen Advice Cooking) Appcelerator Titaniumâ„¢ makes building desktop rich applications easy Desktop Apps Made Easy Titanium is the first open platform for building rich desktop applications. * Open source Titanium is licensed under the Apache Public License […]

JPG Fairy Tale Submition

Finally decided to submit something to one of the JPGs, Fairy Tale for Issue 21. Not sure how well it works but had it from Flickr Day back in May of 07. If you dig it head over and vote it up. Now to find or setup something for the House theme. I actually have […]

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The best films of 2008… and there were a lot of them (tags: List culture Movies Lists BestOF Film towatch 2008) Photographs of old computers (tags: Design Photo hardware Gallery geek interesting Technology computer)

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Let's talk about Python 3.0 (tags: Essay Python Evolution) Microsoft Helping Perl Development "Commencing this month, Microsoft will be providing every CPAN author with free access to a centrally-hosted virtual machine environment containing every major version of Windows." (tags: Microsoft Perl Windows)

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Shopping Mall History (tags: culture Reference architecture History) The first mall (tags: Design Photography culture History architecture urbanism suburbia) Chicken and Dumplings Recipe (tags: Food Cooking Recipe chicken) Yii PHP Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii comes with a full stack of […]

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AideRSS + GoogleReader Firefox extension (tags: Plugin RSS Firefox productivity Google googlereader reader News Extension Browser extensions) The Worst Is Yet To Come: Anonymous Banker Weighs In On The Coming Credit Card Debacle (tags: Economics Politics business Finance economy credit banking financial) News, tips and advice to compare mortgage rates, home equity loans, CDs, […]